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Sesame Street: Keep Christmas With You

[MUSIC PLAYING] BOB: [SINGING] When Christmas time as over,
and presents put away, don’t be sad. There’ll be so much to treasure
about this Christmas day and the fun we had. So many happy feelings to
celebrate with you, and oh, the good times hurry
by so fast. But even when it’s over, there’s
something you can do to make Christmas last. KIDS AND LINDA: [SINGING] Keep Christmas with you
all through the year. When Christmas is over,
you can keep it near. BOY: [SINGING] Think of this Christmas day– KIDS AND LINDA: [SINGING] When Christmas is far away. Keep Christmas with you
all through the year. When Christmas is over, save
some Christmas cheer. These precious moments, hold
them very dear, and keep Christmas with you all
through the year. GIRL: [SINGING] Christmas means a spirit of
giving, peace and joy to you. BOB: [SINGING] The goodness of loving, the
gladness of living, these are Christmas too. ALL: [SINGING] So keep Christmas with you
all through the year. When Christmas is over, save
some Christmas cheer. BOB: [SINGING] These precious moments,
hold them very dear. ALL: [SINGING] And keep Christmas with you
all through the year. BOB: [SINGING] Yes, keep Christmas with you– ALL: [SINGING] All through the year.

100 Replies to “Sesame Street: Keep Christmas With You”

  • Wow!Thanks!I was wondering what they were signing to each other! (The only sign language I know is the alphabet "Happy Birthday",Thank you,"I Love you" & "cat")

  • Keep Christmas with you all through the year, everybody.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all and to all your loved ones.

  • shit i remember singing this song at like my kindergarten or first grade christmas concert.
    aha daaang, i feel old XD

  • I love how Bob turned around to the piano at the exact moment to take over the closing from the orchestra… Still can't figure out where they fit the orchestra in that upstairs apartment…

  • Without a doubt, the one Christmas song I like the most that keeps Christmas' fire in me and keeps having me wipe tears from my eyes. It's precious!!

  • @mylifeshot Christmas Eve on SS is one of my favs too! I was so sad when I lost my vhs tape,but I'm very glad it's on youtube!

  • OMG I remember this from when I was a kid! I have a home video of my older brother and I opening xmas gifts when I was about 3 or 4 and this song is on in the background. This was my favorite xmas special! I wish they would have this one on TV more often!

  • I found this movie on VHS gonna put it on DVD soon but still watch it. This is the only xmas movie that I will watch. Brings back many memories when xmas was about family not gifts. And we were happy with what we got not what others got and we didnt. Thanks for posting this.

  • @Bigben1984 True, but oh how much more special is that day to a believer in Christ! The One True Gift that changed the world!

  • I'm 22 now, and have watched this episode every year since as long as I can remember, it never ever gets old, and I look forward to sharing it with my kids someday ๐Ÿ™‚

  • What I'm saying is the Christmas "Spirit" Folks we all get regardless of our religion I feel like we're almost all Christians around christmas with peace on earth goodwill toward men. Just like we're all Irish on Saint Patrick's day and all we respect all people of color on MLK Day. I Never said that Jesus should be removed from christmas I'm just saying you don't have to be christian to have the Spirit of Christmas or holiday season don;t we all want peace on earth and goodwill toward men?

  • Thank you for sharing with all of us this beautiful song. It is important for the kids to know that we must keep the Christmas spirit in our hearts. If we love each other, this could be a better world.

  • OMG…..i just found your video and it brings back soooo many memories. I remember being in grade 3 back in 1987 and watching sesame street and this song has stuck in my head ever since that age. Thx for posting.

  • I love this song – watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street brought back great memories for me, and it is important to hold onto the Christmas spirit.

  • Oh, Bob and Linda are my OTP of SESAME STREET. After decades of flirtations and soft passions, I think it's high time you two get together officially, marry, and have kids.

  • I've been watching this movie almost everyday. By far one of my favorite Christmas movies. I feel so good when I do all the sign language with them :]

  • I love this song and I loved the special when I saw it. However, Christmas is essentially about the birth of Jesus. Everything else flows from the religious aspect which is what Christmas is. Still this is a pretty song.

  • Christmas was actually a pagan celebration way before Jesus came along. I'm not against religion if it helps people get through their lives. But the truth is pagan festivals celebrated halloween and easter etc. It was all to do with celebrating the change of seasons.

  • My friend from New York shared this song with me years ago. Sadly she died last year at the tender age of 50. This song reminds me of our friendship very much!

  • I woke up this morning with this song in my heart because When i was a child I use to watc this christmas special every year. As I sit and watch and listen to the song it brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of a the time of being a child and the simplicity of christmas.. that is missing today in christmas. Thank Goodness for Sesame Street.. you have raised many many Children.

  • we need sesame street to make more episodes in a season and we need more bob and susan and luis and maria and gabby and gina and hoots

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets choked up Everytime I hear this song. I'm 23 and I thought I would be considered insane

  • 19 i got fucked up by dis song las year after christmas was done and i tell you i couldn't even look at the tree without da waterworks

  • Lol this song I licen to it all year round and I keep chrismas with me all though the year I watch chrismas movies in the summer

  • To the person who asked what they were saying,
    Bob: You taught them to sign? (directly 'You sign them?')
    Linda: Merry Christmas to you! (directly 'Merry Christmas you')

  • This song is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes and I esp. love the key change at 2:22 but most of all I think it's important to always keep the spirit alive even when it isn't Christmastime anymore.

  • Spreading the Christmas joy with your friends and family makes everyone happy and filled with joy. Speaking from a Christian point of view. But some people think it's a waste of time but they miss the point.

  • still one of my favorite Xmas movies. i grew up watching it and can't wait until my daughter is old enough to watch and enjoy it.

  • I'm 21 years old and this is one of the two Christmas specials that I will always watch for the rest of my life. The other Xmas special is a Muppet family Christmas. I can't wait for my little sister to watch them both.

  • The song epitomizes what the Christmas season is all about. It's not just one day. The world would be a much better place if we did "…keep Christmas " with us all through the year. My daughter is doing something this year that I'd love to do. She's keeping her tree up all this calendar year!!

  • Always have, and always will be, my FAVORITE Christmas movie!! Every moment is precious (Ernie & Bert giving up their favorite thing to give each other a present, Cookie Monster trying to contact Santa & failing, the characters asking kids how Santa gets down the chimney…)

    Watched this when I was a kid & STILL watch it, every Christmas. Can't wait for my 1-year-old nephew to enjoy this, too.

  • Aww I remember performing this with my fellow sixth graders some years back for our annual CHRISTmas show…I thought and still think that the song is beautiful and the signing was the hallmark of everything…wow, how time flies! Thanks Sesame Street for such great memories growing up!

  • This is my most favourite Christmas carol because it's so sweet and meaningful. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I really love the warmth of giving and love that comes with it. It's because of you Sesame Street that I LOVE it so much.

  • Bob and linda would be great sign language teachers for all ages including children and adults young and old

  • Such a joyful and personal feel. No distractions from cell phones or social media. Everyone in the room was just focused on each other in a positive light. Simply beautiful!!

  • This is a Classic ever from Sesame Street and it brings back memories also and I remember that when I was very young since many years ago.

  • my mom is deaf and she teaches sign language but i dont much sign language but this song helps me thank u sesame street and i wish my mom isnt deaf because its hard for me to learn sign language growing up was very hard for my mom and i was really curious how she became deaf

  • The beautiful words combined with Sam Pottle's jazzy chord progressions make this song so wonderful. I cannot get through it without weeping xD

  • When I was little, I saw Elmo Saves Christmas before I ever saw Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. So, I didnโ€™t know this song was first sung in 1978.

  • I'm old enough to remember when this Special could only be viewed when it aired on Public Television – Twice a Season – Once on a weeknight and once on a Sunday afternoon. To this day my parents have Christmas Ornaments with these characters on them … I also remember the HORROR when Ernie and Bert go to open one another's gifts and there was that suspenseful change in music – ha ha ha .. but, Mr Hooper saved the day! (I also remember when Mr. Hooper passed away, I ran to my mom crying) lol

  • ใ‚ฏใƒชใ‚นใƒžใ‚นใŒ่ฟ‘ใฅใใจใ“ใฎๆ›ฒใ‚’ๆ€ใ„ๅ‡บใ—ใพใ™ใ€‚ใจใฆใ‚‚ๅคงๅฅฝใโ™ช

  • Hands down the BEST Christmas movie. I've watched this every year and it's just not Christmas without it. Brings me so much joy

  • Still watch my dvd of Christmas Eve On Sesame Street every Christmas season & this is one of my fave songs & moments. Every now & then "when Christmas is far away" this song pops into my head. I hope the kids who preformed this with him grew to appreciate what a wonderful moment they were having & will cherish it for ever !!

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