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How To Learn Sign Language

Sesame Street and Autism: Learning Sign Language

NARRATOR: “Sesame Street
and Autism, Learning Sign Language.” ABBY: Hi there. I’m Abby and you’re
Jazlyn, right? JAZLYN: Yes. ABBY: And you’re Alyssa. And Yesenia, that’s
your sister, right? So how do you
communicate with her? JAZLYN: Well, we kind of know
a little bit of sign language. MAN: What do you want to eat? OK. OK. ABBY: Do you know sign language? ALYSSA: Yes. ABBY: Did you learn it, or
does she teach it to you? JAZLYN: Well, we learned it
and she teach it to me, yeah. She teaches us. ABBY: What do you know? Hi, Yesenia. JAZLYN: We know– ABBY: Hi. She’s very strong. She can lift me up. What is something, can you teach
me something in sign language? JAZLYN: Give me. ABBY: Give me JAZLYN: And please. ABBY: Please. JAZLYN: Water. This is water. ABBY: Water. WOMAN: Yesenia. What do you want again? Do you want water? Water. ABBY: This is a
very magical family. In fact, I think your
whole family is amazing. JAZLYN: Thank you. ABBY: Yeah. Yesenia! NARRATOR: Share this
story and find more at,
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