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Separate VS. Separate

Hello and welcome back to Sign of the Week and this week we are going to do things a little bit differently Today I want to talk a little bit about the ASL dictionary They are great resources but I definitely recommend
them to use as a last resort and my reason being is because ASL is 4-6% vocab and the rest is meaning. Those who have taken my classes you know exactly what I am talking about So what I mean by that is vocab is very small part. ASL is all meaning I could teach you a vocab word If you look up the sign SEPARATE in the dictionary you will see this for separate. It’s this kind of handshape and you sign SEPARATE. Very visual, makes sense. But, the meaning of it is completely different. I mean there are all different kinds of
meanings for separate right? Say if, you are teaching in a class and you have two kids that are talking you wouldn’t sign this for separate you could do, these are bent v’s you could sign SEPARATE this way by just doing this These show that there are two people sitting and you can just go SEPARATE so that would be how to tell them to separate. Say you are doing laundry and you can separate
your whites and your darks so you, would have whites and darks so you have your piles. So that’s would be separating. So that’s why I don’t encourage using the dictionary It’s better to learn live, in class with a teacher Dictionaries are good but I wouldn’t rely on them 100% and you can see that you have so many
differences in just that one sign separate You have SEPARATE, you can do SEPARATE or you have your groups if you want your class to split up into two groups You would show it by separating group here and group here The sign separate can be used in a whole different way of meanings. Depending on what you want it to mean So that’s a really good example on how ASL is only 4-6% vocab and the rest is meaning So when you go to do a sign, think about it, like, does this sign make sense with what I am trying to get across. Ok? So think about it, good luck with those separating and I will see you next week 🙂

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