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Senior Aqua Exercise in American Sign Language (ASL)

Hello! I’m Amy Free, interpreter and water exercise instructor. I’m here at UW Health TAC – The American Center. Here at the water exercise area, we have two pools: a large swimming pool, and something really special – a warm water therapy pool. For a while, UW Health has offered classes on Mondays and Wednesdays for hearing senior citizens. People with body aches and pains, arthritis, fatigued muscles, poor balance come and learn how to stretch, improve their balance, and align their bodies. Now, UW Health is excited to offering the same class on Fridays for deaf seniors in sign language. UW Health values your safety. How? A lifeguard watches at all times You do not have to jump into the pool; there is a ramp to walk into the water and the water level is between chest and neck height, never over your head. The water is warm, so you won’t be cold. You can wear a swimsuit or a dark-color t-shirt and shorts. The goal is for you to feel comfortable and be safe. Now you are excited and motivated to come to the class, right!? Registration information can be found at the address below. Your body now is feeling tired and sad. After coming to class, once, twice, or every time, your body will be smiling and happy! See you soon!

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