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The power of eTwinning is that
we can create classrooms without walls. Students are able to communicate
with peers all over Europe and beyond. They learn together, they have an audience
to share their work, their views, their culture. They can compare and
they can build their own identity. The most important thing is that communication
takes place in a safe way with mutual respect. Interaction should never be forced. Communication can take place in different ways:
it can, for instance, be verbal or non-verbal. Sharing images, videos and written texts
in the TwinSpace is one way of communicating. The communication tools integrated in the TwinSpace
give the opportunity to have a more direct way of interaction. Teachers can set up discussion forums. Forums can be used to engage students
in a-synchronous interaction. It engages pupils to contribute
to the project 24/7, in their own time. The built-in chatroom can be used
for simultaneous communication. All members of the eTwinning project
can enter the virtual room and join a conversation. Teachers have the opportunity
to download the chat conversation. They can, for instance, use the chat history
to assess conversations in a foreign language class. Of course this feature is also important
as a safety protection against possible inappropriate communication. In the TwinSpace, all members can also send
quick 1:1 private messages to everybody who is online. For teachers but also for pupils,
this tool can be handy for immediate collaboration. Finally, there is the Live event tool. Teachers can organise live events
for all the members of the TwinSpace. They can book a virtual room and
make use of a video-conferencing system. The system includes various ways of engaging participants
with different communication tools. The TwinMail is comparable to sending an email. Members of the project can send
individual messages and the messages will also be stored. With the TwinMail, teachers can inform all participants
about the project or send reminders about tasks. eTwinning projects are also
ways of learning to be proud of. Members of the school community and beyond
are certainly interested in the eTwinning adventures of pupils. With the project journal, you can share
general information about the project at every stage. Also, selected pages can be made public so that
everybody on the internet can read the information provided. Of course the privacy of students
must be protected at all times. The communication tools in the TwinSpace
give students a lot of possibilities and freedom. The pedagogical environment of the TwinSpace
offers the opportunity for teachers to educate pupils so that they can become
responsible digital citizens of the 21st century.

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