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How To Learn Sign Language


Hey everybody, it’s Bri and today I am going to be talking about my second youtube channel Before I start talking, I would like to go ahead and apologize for all of the nature sounds in the back I am outside. I thought it would be a good background but now I am regretting it because of all the noise But it’s okay it’s whatever I am starting a second youtube channel because I want to make videos other than sign language I am still going to be posting sign language covers on this channel, so don’t worry But my second channel is going to be more of talking videos All of the videos on my second channel are going to be closed captioned for any my deaf audience or people who just like to use closed captions my channel is going to be linked in the description so you can go ahead and subscribe to it if you want to. That’s it for todays video, go ahead and give it a like and subscribe to my second channel. BYE!

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