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Second Amendment Sanctuaries: What do they mean?

4 Replies to “Second Amendment Sanctuaries: What do they mean?”

  • Any laws that turn currently legally owned firearms into illegal ones has the exact same effect as confiscation. If they pass it, I think the politicians that voted for it should be the ones to show up to people's homes to tell them to get rid of their guns. Start with the most rural areas first so that no one can hear them scream.

  • Defend the second amendment at all costs! Unamerican laws are tyranny and illegal irregardless of what democrat tyrants claim. The constitution is over a corrupt state , enough is enough

  • 1:29 – Really because when Northam was asked straight up about it by the Washington Post he said "“That’s something I’m working [on] with our secretary of public safety,”. SB16 is literally a broad confiscation bill that affects the majority of rifles and handguns.

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