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Santa uses sign language with deaf boy

[music] Thanks Arvie. Well new at 11 tonight, a surprise
from Santa that really means the world to a little boy and his family. As Newscenter 5 Jorge Carroga shows us, this
“Signing Santa” knew exactly what to do to make one little guy’s holiday perfect!>>REPORTER: He is 3 years old, full of life
and legally deaf. Cameron Sylvester wears two hearing aids.>>FATHER: Cameron has auditory neuropathy,
um… he basically hears at a different level than what you and mean hear.>>REPORTER: So he’s been learning sign language,
and getting pretty good at it too. Recently—like so many others—the family
went to see Santa at the Bass Pro shop in Foxborough. His sister Ariana wasn’t shy at all.>>FATHER: His sister Ari jumped right up there
and Cameron just… forget about it! He didn’t want anything to do with it.>>REPORTER: This Santa sees some 18,000 children
each Christmas and he noticed the little boy with two hearing aids.>>SANTA: The mother was signing a little bit,
so I used the opportunity to sign to him. And I just asked him are you a good boy?>>REPORTER: Cameron’s mom couldn’t believe
it: Santa talking in American Sign Language!>>MOTHER: Out of nowhere Santa asked Cameron… Are you a good boy? Um… and that’s not something that you see
very often when go see Santa.>>SANTA: There are other signs… Are you a good girl? Alright… A good “boy” is a baseball cap.>>MOTHER: I wanted to cry, actually. A lot
of people don’t know sign language. Um… and there’s Santa and he knew exactly
what Cameron needed to see.>>REPORTER: Cameron responded right away.>>SANTA: Absolutely, I mean it was wonderful.
I live for moments like those.>>REPORTER: His parents say for a deaf child
like Cameron, it’s the little things that counts as he grows more confident with who
he is. This moment with Santa, the best Christmas
gift of all.>>FATHER: It’s touching, it’s nice to know
that there are still people left in the world that care.>>REPORTER: And so the moral of the story
for all you doubters, yes there is a Santa and he speaks every language. In Millbury, Jorge [unintelligible]

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