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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 46: Ultimate Hidden Gesture Guide for Galaxy Note II

hello everyone Michael here with the
daily note 2 youtube channel and welcome to another episode so today I wanna focus on
hidden gestures for the samsung galaxy galaxy note 2 that is not found in the manual they’ll be gestures for samsung apps,
google apps and adroid os 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 and just let you know these gestures will
probably work for the galaxy S 3 and i’ve covered a few in the past
but i can’t expect you guys to watch it to have watched all my episde and i found
some new ones too so let’s get started I wanna show you
my absolute favorite gesture I wanna open this app called
that I got for a dollar from the google app store today in any game or any app
you could do just hold your finger from the
just do a quick hard swipe down and
you could adjust the brightness this works for any app for example
say that you had another game opened
in portrait mode just do a quick swipe down from the top
and you could access that those brightness settings
or notification bar settings and it also works for a video
so let’s launch that just let you know you could do that as well while we’re in here I wanna to show you
a couple of things you can’t do this
when these controls are there make them go away
by tapping on the screen but hold the right side of the screen
and you could adjust volum hold the left side of the screen
you could adjust brightness.. this is the default stocker video player by samsung and there’s this as well grab that blue dot here and you could see that detailed seek(1/4x)
one over four so the higher you go up
it only go to 1/4 but lets you do like a fine seek over here instead of doing from the bottom
which is 1x seek one more thing while we’re in here
you can zoom into the video now you can move around in the video so
maybe if you have 1080p video you want to zoom into it
maybe that might be useful I did cover this just a few days ago
but i thought it was appropriate for the video some notifications collapse and expand so
do a two finger tap and drag up or drag down when you’re done looking at
the notification you could just swipe to get rid of it let’s move onto music player I’m not sure if this is a new feature
4.1.1 I just don’t remember ever being able to do this
but you could do a quick swipe from the music player and you could go backward and forward just like video player I shewed you
just grab that blue dot and move up and you could do detailed seeks let’s move onto the stock browser i’m sure you guys know how to pinch these browsers here but did you know
you could do this you could enable things in settings and labs and turn on these two things because by default we have those two bars
that notification bar and the navigation bar up there but
we just got rid of them but you could actually access everything up there with just a finger just put your finger little bit into the vessel then you could get these controls
that turns on and off the mobile mobile pages if you go here you could just type in the
new page or search term you could share to find
on the page this one’s cool
if you go here you could just jump.. trade to jump to the page
to the other windows or you can just leave your finger there and
you could get to that zoomed out view there and then this one you could go to
your favorites and historys and that make pages your favorite literally all the options are there
and you could also hit the menu menu button if you really want to
use that again but all those controls are really accessible
it just takes a little bit of getting used to
but i really like it because gain a lot of space and it just looks
beautiful being able to see the entire web page on here let’s go to the next one this is a quick one S planner
it might be just called calendar in your phone but there’s a button here let you do that you could
instead just do a two finger drag and it works just the same let’s go to the next one let’s move onto S note say that you open a file
it opens in a read only mode but if you do a single tap on the screen
and it eventually gets to writing mode let’s do 1
let’s add two more pages
2 and 3 and let’s add one more 4 say that you didn’t like the page
you could do a three finger tap and it crumbles a paper.. gets rid of the page
let’s go back to read only mode in read only mode you could flip through
pages with a swipe even in read only mode
you could get rid of these pages by doing a three finger tap
I gusee that’s kinda crumble action to save let’s go to this file here i want to show you
two things on the samsung keyboard I showed you cursor control
in a previous episode and I was able to find it useful
but I was using it wrong cursor control is enabled only works on android 4.1.2 but
you could use the keyboard kinda like a touch pad to navigate around the text
if you see that blue up there if you want to edit text like that and another thing is i’m sure
you’ve seen this by now but you could pinch on the keyword goes to that one hand the keyword flip to the side
if you’re left handed you could do that or you could zoom in let’s go to the google maps and
I have searched for the happiest place on earth also known as Las Vegas you could do a two finger tap and then move up and move down to
change the angle of you that’s completely flat view
and you could drag it down and we’re looking at it different angle
then you can do a two finger rotate you could rotate through these buildings there
and i was surprised that it seems like they added 3D building detail to most of what i’ve searched for anyway check it out and i know it’s not there for
all countries but it seems like all the major cities in the US
have these 3D buildings now even a little houses and such before
I move on any further i know there are experts and non experts at the android os
watching but if i’m able to show you one hidden gesture
that you weren’t aware of if you guys wouldn’t mind hitting that like button
on this video so let’s go to gmail gmail has gottena good update recently
so in the past you weren’t able to zoom in and zoom out of this email but if you go to settings general settings, auto fit messages when you open the message it is totally
zoomed out and now you can do this all day and before it was kind of drag becuase
it would have to go across message first and then you are able to swipe
to the next email but it works much better another thing that you changed around this
update is that you can’t delete it amy more but it will send it to your archives you could just swipe it and then it’ll send it to the archives
you could get this gray bar by swiping it away
in any direction or if you want to undo
you need to tap it I know this is kinda confusing
when you wanna undo you swipe it that way it doesn’t undo
so just letting you know for that and last but not least i only mention
this because it is not in the manual and maybe some of you
after getting galaxy note 2 for christmas but go to your contacts you could either do a swipe this to send them
a message or swipe that way to make a phone call it is probably the first gesture
you’ll learn on android but it is a good one that’s the end of this episode and if you know somebody with the galaxy note 2
or galaxy S 3 definitely share this video because maybe they’ll get some
good useful tips out of it if you haven’t been to my channel yet
please come to my channel and check out my hundred-plus videos
on the samsung galaxy note 2 and if you haven’t subscribed yet
definitely subscribe because I create a video a day so that you could get the most out of
your samsung galaxy note 2.. once again thank you for watching

100 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Tips & Tricks Episode 46: Ultimate Hidden Gesture Guide for Galaxy Note II”

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  • in gmail, swiping right archives and swiping left deletes. swiping up after choosing archive or delete will complete the process.

  • I genuinely learnt so much from this video. And I cannot believe there are SO many videos on one mobile! Thank you so much.

  • Hi mike, you forgot about home screen gesture… is useful to change the number of sites or add/delete sites !!! Bye the way nice videos keep on, sorry for my bad English

  • Ive just subscribed to your excellent tutorials.
    Newbies like me would struggle for weeks finding these hidden gestures!
    Question though, Is there a way to change the blue box high lighter colour in S Planner,instead of just the Blue ? I know you can change the handwritten colour, but it would be good to be able to quick glance the text,and have say Red box for important info etc.
    Many Thanks

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  • In Gmail you can change the settings for swiping the mail. Settings/General settings/Swiping conversation list, and there are 3 options.

  • Lots to learn as I'm a brand new Note 2 user (after 15 years of BB addiction)…haha….I'm learning lots quickly but am stumped on one real simple item I need asap for business….what's the best calendar to use and how do you invite attendees from the contacts to a meeting………..on a BB this is drop dead simple and even allows you to invite from different email addresses that have been set up…….any hints would be great

  • U cheater! we can pinch the keyboard but we cannot zoom in the keyboard to make it big again……u lied! and u have edited that failure! hehe.

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  • Thank you so much. I've been looking for the quick command feature for the browser for weeks (never thought to look under labs). How do you get samsung's readers hub app? Or is it a region thing?

  • I will answer my own noob ? for any others interested the merger w/ metro allowed tmo to migrate 3g/h+ to 1900 to make way for lte on 1700/2100.

  • My Samsung Galaxy 2 has an issue and I was wondering if you have solution to this problem. The issue is while on the internet for instance Facebook my pics are blurry and it just started to do this like a day or so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • "MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice" I am using the free version and it works fine you will see a new green button when you dial a number press it and you will start recording both side of the conversation

  • Is there a way I can save videos to my phone like if I want to save/upload this episode video to my phone?

  • On the calender you can one finger swipe left or right, up or down to change the month. The up/down swipe has a nice transition as well.

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  • I did this (full screen under labs settings for stock browser) on my note 2 and loved it. Then I got a note 3 and as far as I can tell the "full screen" only gets rid of the status bar and not the browser bar on my stick browser.
    Can you confirm or deny this at all?

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