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Samsung ES8000 series HDTVs with Voice and Gesture Control | Crutchfield Video

13 Replies to “Samsung ES8000 series HDTVs with Voice and Gesture Control | Crutchfield Video”

  • @7footballfanatic7 no u dont get it u say high tv and say volume to say 32 and it goes right up ,they only showed this because they new people like u would not understand,also when u say channal up u can also pick any channal number like u can say channal 175 and it willl go to that channal right then and there.

  • @Guitargasm17 while i will agree useing a remote is just fine for me ,i still think ths is a cool feature to have inside a tv .i dont think its LAME as some people would say about a samsung product ,i just think people these days bash anything just so they can be retarted at time's.sometime u should not judge a book by it's cover in the end thing like this might come in handy .

  • @joseph10704 I thought you had to say volume up 100 times. If all you have to do is say volume 20 then this is really neat, and I take back my previous post.

  • @Guitargasm17 when i fist seen this tv i too was like wait how does this work ,then when i went on the web and read about the way it work and i called up samsung and they told me ,and i wen to bestbuy and a samsung person told mehow to use it then i was like this is a fantastic way to use the tv .

  • @7footballfanatic7 and u might have just a 3D tv but can your tv do voice comands I DONT THINK SO .and while i like 3D to to me 3D is a extra feature so no long from now in 2015 to 2018 every tv will have 3D inside of it no matter what size your tv is.

  • Let's say I'm hooked to directly OTA. So channels are like 6.1, or 123.4321 (my tv does show that, when it's hooked to the cable directly without a box, and yes I do get local HD channels that way.) Do I have to say channel 6.1 or say channel 6 HD? If it is channel 6 HD then it's good by my book. Otherwise, they haven't thought it through.

  • @7footballfanatic7 If you do not have the remote handy and you need to increase the volume that much, then yes. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

  • @halbeik In the OTA scenario, you wouldn't have that many channels so the "Channel up" or "Channel down" commands should work fairly well. With the multitude of SD and the few HD channels you may get through a cable provider (using the TV's built-in tuner), using the remote control will be more convenient. Keep in mind, voice commands are in addition to the supplied remote. They do not replace a standard remote control. Feel free to call for additional assistance: 800.315.0030–Crutchfield

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