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How To Learn Sign Language


Hello! We have exciting news to announce to you all, we’re working on an exciting project with Samsung KX We’re filming in this location today because… this is how our journey started. Benny: When we were 11 years old, we were on our first short-film called, “That’s Not All Of Me”, a Life and Deaf film. Jazzy: We have a big announcement, there’s an exciting event coming up on 6th December, we will do a solo talk to talk about “How to become an Influencer?” it will be at Samsung KX, Coal Drops Yard, in Kings Cross it starts at 6pm until 7pm, we will be talking about what it really means to be an “influencer, believing in yourself. B: Also, not letting disabilities stop you from achieving your dream. J: We have lots of interesting tips about how to be a successful influencer, if you have any struggles with where to start… Both: Then come to this event! There will be Questions & Answers at the end, feel free to ask us any questions you’d like to know about. B: Make sure you come to this event. J: If you would like to come to this event, get your free ticket, the link is in the description box. Other good news, there will be interpreters at the event who will voice over our talk which is perfect. We’re really excited to work with Samsung, this is a great opportunity. B: It’s such an exciting project to work on, a brilliant opportunity. J: I really hope to see you there. B: Hopefully! Thank you! Both: Bye bye!

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