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Samatal Explanation for Beginners | Hastak or Hand gesture | Learn Kathak Online | Lesson 35/222

Samatal ‘Sa Ma Tal’, meaning something that is balanced and ‘Tal’ meaning the level So something that is balanced at the same time May be in different directions but at the same level That’s what the word means The movement is right and left We often use to mess this particular movement To do our Namaskar We started with this, Right Bring it back and left It’s a complete movement and completely balanced as well It starts with ‘Utpati’ This is the position where you started Spread your hand and from ‘Arala’ It changes to ‘Pataka’ when it’s back it’s again ‘Arala’ and this ‘Arala’ changes to ‘Pataka’ and then it comes back Normally when you are using ‘Samatal’ we move forward Samatal’ is also used when you are in a choreography and you need to move from one space to another you could be going this way in any direction necessary both the hands whichever is extended normally you look in that direction it could be the other way around if the choreography demands but normally we look in the same direction There is no hard and fast rule to look the other way You could be going this way But that depends on how you’ve designed your work ‘Samatal’ Heels together toes apart Palms in ‘Arala’ position in ‘Utpati’ Spread your hand to your right Look on your right bring it back Stretch your hand to the left Look on your left and bring it back This is a complete movement I hope you enjoyed this lesson I will be uploading a new video every Wednesday So, subscribe to this channel and stay connected You can also like, comment, share And send your feedback Happy Dancing

15 Replies to “Samatal Explanation for Beginners | Hastak or Hand gesture | Learn Kathak Online | Lesson 35/222”

  • beaitiful video guru maa..thank u..bahut sundar sikhaya aapne.. aapke sb videos me se ek ek movemnt lekar mai khud se hi wo song coreograph kr rhi hu jo maine aapse kaha tha..i hope ye accha ho jaae…

  • Namaste.I am sompreeti.I am final year student of sattriya dance and I see your all video. As I am a student of first year of kathak this videos help me a lot.

  • maam when we will get to know about the mudra's…is this there in kthk too like bharatanatyam 😃…like pataka…gau mukha etc..

  • one more question maam..😀
    is there any term like( lasya..) in kthk as I hv seen this in a video..this word is new for me is it a part of kthk or not😐

  • i started kathak when i was 5 years old, then had to stop at the age of 11 because my guru moved to an area which was extremely hard to reach. i am 19 now and i'm doing more of a semi-classical styling with Bollywood and film. YOUR VIDEOS MADE ME CRY BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH I MISS THIS! … i miss my Classical dancing sooooo much you wouldn't believe. but thanks to you, i can start back with your videos.
    Dhanyavaad <3

  • hello ma'am I am Reshmi….ur classes are too gud I always follow ur way of teaching… eagerly waiting for the next lesson

  • I want to know maam that is this the same hastak we do while doing tat tat bol. I have learn it with a slight change in which we first take our right hand out and bring it back n den take the left out and bring it back while doing tat tat in rangmanch ka tukada and many more tukras.
    Please correct me

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