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S. Korea to offer simultaneous sign language interpretation at briefings

in other news starting next year the
South Korean government will provide simultaneous sign language
interpretation at public briefings that service will also be provided for
announcements related to disasters and public events for national holidays park
se-young has more major industrialized nations like the US and New Zealand
offer real-time sign language interpretation our public briefings at a
regular press conference accompanied by a sign language interpreter the Ministry
of Culture Sports and Tourism announced a similar interpretation services will
become available for Korean government briefings starting next year the US and
many other advanced countries have been implementing sign language
interpretation in government announcements but since we haven’t been
able to do that yet we’re looking to start from next year
real-time sign language interpretations will be provided at regular Brewhouse
briefings government joint briefings briefings for disaster situations and
events for the five national holidays if necessary the government will provide
translation videos within 24 hours of briefings without interpreters in 2016
the Korean sign language law established Korean sign language as an official
language for the Deaf in Korea with equal status as the Korean language this
means national and local governments are required to provide translation services
and sign language for the deaf whenever necessary park se-young arirang news

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