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How To Learn Sign Language

Ryan & Rose – Sign Language – Daily Routines

Hey it’s Lindsey with Ryan & Rose
and you guys are loving our sign videos oh my goodness and it makes my heart so happy so today we are going to teach you some routine signs that you can teach
your littles alright let’s go so the first one is “bed” basically two
closed five hands put together and put by your ear kinda like you’re going to sleep
bed bed the next one is “brushing your teeth” and you’re basically just taking a
one and basically looking like you’re going to brush your teeth brush your
teeth brush teeth the next is “diaper” it’s basically a
three and you’re closing it kind of like no but you’re gonna do it where your
diaper snaps diaper diaper the next one is “get dressed” it’s basically open five
hand and its… two movements right hand then left hand get dressed I’m
going to get dressed now if you’re talking about clothes you can sign it a
little bit different with a different movement so clothes is at the same time
clothes or get dressed next is “ready” it’s two R’s and you’re
basically just this type of movement ready are you ready next one is “play”
it’s basically a Y and you’re basically moving it so play do you want to go play
are you ready to play the next one is “bath” it’s basically like two thumbs up
and you’re gonna place place it on your chest and go back and forth bath
are you ready for your bath fast next is “bottle” and is basically a thumbs
up we’re gonna use this handshape again and put it on your chin bottle bottle
then the last one is probably my favorite “sleep” basically open five hand and you’re closing it one movement sleep also if you sign it like this if you
sign it open like this this means “sleepy” sleepy but if you’re taking a nap or
going to sleep you would close it all the way sleep
sleep now all right so let’s do it one more time kind of fast “bed” “brush your
teeth” “diaper” “get dressed” “ready” “play” “bath” “bottle” and “sleep” and that’s it make sure you’re following @ryanandrose and subscribe to our YouTube channel yeah
we would love to know what you want next what type of signs so leave comments
below and I will see you next time!

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