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Russian Alphabet & Pronunciation / Cyrillic letters

Привет, this is The online source for learning Russian. This is the first lesson in the series “Pronunciation”. This part talks about pronunciation of Letters
in the Alphabet and different sounds and combinations of sounds. Давай! Today I would like to tell you about the Russian
alphabet. Some people think it’s difficult because it
is Cyrillic. But believe me it’s still less difficult than
the Chineses’. The Cyrillic alphabet uses different symbols
than the Latin alphabet. Fortunately some letters are almost the same
as A, O, E (je, e, i), T, C, M, K. But be careful: Some letters look just the same as in the
latin alphabet but they stand for different sounds. For example B is V, little b works as a soft sign, H is N, P is R, X is H, a letter similar to W is SH, Y is U. Like in many languages, cyrillic letters have
2 versions: printing and writing. The writing style is very beautiful. The printing style is very useful. It is used in books, newspapers, subtitles. So let me introduce you the Russian alphabet. First letter is А as “ananas” А. Then Б as “bank” Б. В as “vodka”. В. So be careful here. The best known Russian drink is “vodka” not
“botka” – В. Г “globus” Г. Д “dom” Д. Е “evropa” Е. Ё as “ëlka”. This type of tree is “ëlka” in
Russian Ё. Ж “zhurnal” Ж. З “zont” З. И “internet” И. Й (ij or j) “jogurt” Й. К “kompiuter” К. Л “lampa” Л. М “mashina” М. Н “nos” Н. О “opera” О. П “park” П. Р “ris” Р. С “stul” С. T “telefon” Т. У “universitet” У. Ф “foto”, “fotoapparat” Ф. Х “Chyligan” Х. Ц “tsar” Ц. Ч “chipsi” Ч. Ш “shampun'” Ш. Щ “shjiotka” Щ. Then we have some additional signs. Firstly the hard sing. It is not a sound. It’s just a letter. It works as a pause in the word. Then Ы. There are no words starting with Ы, but this letter usually makes plural forms. For example «restoranЫ” as you see in the
picture. Ы. Then the soft sigh, this sign has an influence on the; I will explain later how exactly in works. In the end we have Э as “economica” Э. Ю “jumor” Ю. And Я “jaguar” Я. Now you know all 33 Russian letters. And 31 simple words as well. Let’s repeat all letters. That is it for today. All clear? Молодец! I hope you liked the lesson. If yes, give us a thumbs-up in youtube! Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube
channel for weekly videos to learn Russian. See you there. Пока!

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