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Runaway 911 part 1 | Garry’s Mod

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en. Welcome
to Garry’s Mod. This map called Runaway Part 1 Say hello to Kenny Story… We’re the police officers I guess we’re going to the abandoned house The rules and tips. Ok Nice nice nice This is a short film. Nice Kenny: Wow. This will be a high-quality map Kenny: You can move around with your mouse Not really Kenny: This is awesome You’re the police officer Get out! Get out! Not there Kenny: He escaped! Come out now! Hello? The police officers are here Have you seen a bad guy? Hello? No one I guess go to the back door Oh, it’s already opened That’s weird The invisible doors. Bugs or something like that Ok Kenny: What did you find? I found the round thing. It looks like a big gold coin It really looks like the cheese wheel Are you done? Look! Blood! Clue! Look! Another blood! Kenny: Come over here. I found something The invisible table. Great The Washington Post A terrible crime Kenny: Washington DC Kenny: I found something Who are you? Kenny: He is dead I wonder who did it? Obviously, I can see you Kenny: Come here Kenny: Oh, interesting Kenny: Weird Something is over there Kenny: Second floor They have the spare lever. We have to find another
lever The pantry is on the second floor Kenny: Yeah We need to find the stairs We were here before Kenny: I found the cheese wheel Oh, we’re going downstairs We have to go up to the second floor, not down I found the cheese wheel Where… is the fireplace? Where are you? Kenny: I’m looking for the fireplace Oh, I found it I’m at the other building. Where are you, dickbutt? Kenny: Where are you? I found the fireplace Kenny: Where? Remember the guy with the ax on his head Oh, go upstairs What is that for? Go downstairs and put it in
something? Kenny: Oh yes
C7: I don’t know I pushed the button in the fireplace and it opened
for that piece I don’t really think so. Ok fine Nope Kenny: Try to put it in the power generator Does it look like the lever? Thought so Come on. What is it for? Oh, wrong way I’m lost Open this door Is that one? Pick it up. No! Kenny: I can’t! Kenny: Finally, I can pick it up! Dickbutt! Kenny: Because you put the stuff close to
the lever! No! It wasn’t me! I stood far away Turn it on Did you turn it on? Kenny: Need gas. It’s upstairs Kenny: Seriously What did it say? Kenny: It said the lever doesn’t work and it
needs gas We just put gas in it Kenny: Did you see when I held the gas tank then
it disappeared? Maybe, we need more gas What the hell am I still holding that thing? Kenny: I think that is supposed for the fireplace I did it! It didn’t work I’m gonna leave it on this table Oh ok I don’t see any lights – – Oh finally Ok ok Let’s go back downstairs Go What are you doing? Go Kenny: Now what? Can’t you read the message? It said the lever
is downstairs. Pay attention Come here. It’s opened C7: Come here!
Kenny: Yes C7: What are you doing?
Kenny: I’m stuck and I can’t move C7: Look. Behind you
Kenny: Maybe, it has a lot of bugs Seriously, where are you? Where are you?! Where is the crowbar? We need to find the crowbar I can’t see I can’t see. I’m lost Oh, go back to the beginning. Wait, I mean
go back to whatever Where are you? Come on! Come here Much better I can’t see I can’t see! I can’t even see anything! Kenny: Oh wait Kenny: Go back Kenny: We need the battery. That’s why Oh, I see Kenny: So dark! Vent… Kenny: Do you have the crowbar? That’s weird… It shows the vent, next to the table Kenny: Yeah Kenny: I found it Kenny: So dark Kenny: Come here Thank god Kenny: Seriously, come on It’s gone. The flare is out I fell down Kenny: Same To be continued, I guess Ok Kenny: I hate that part I fell down Kenny: Seriously Part 2? Part 2? 2? To be continued? Kenny: We’re dead I don’t know Move Come on. It won’t let me use the ax Kenny: I know right Of course, we have to find the key No clip. The gun is empty Really really really Don’t tell me Close it I don’t know Kenny: Car! We dropped the gun and flashlight Kenny: Seriously We will wait for the part 2 map. It hasn’t released Part 2! To be continued! Say it! To be goddamn
continued! Beautiful credits. Beautiful Kenny: Good job I’m looking forward to playing part 2 I wonder when did this map come out? If this map
came out like a month ago, they will work on the second map for like 3-5 months. Set up the codes,
get rid of the bugs, blah blah blah Take your time C7 & Kenny: You’re welcome I can see the cop’s body Kenny: Yeah Oh, it’s a party Beer. Do you want beer? A model I can’t open it. Ok Kenny: Did you see the doors? I entered Where? Kenny: By the rug Kenny: Opposite way Let’s wrap up. We will continue – – I mean we have
to wait for the part 2 map. I don’t know when Thank you for watching. Please click Subscribe, Like,
Share, or whatever that will help me a lot See you in the next video

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