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Rude Hand Gestures From Around The World

facts verse presents rude hand gestures from around the world number one the southpaw handshake Malaysia in all parts of the world people shake hands with their right hand it’s just the way it’s done in some parts of the world like Malaysia shaking hands with the left hand is considered an insult in these areas of the world if you want to shake the hand to someone yet don’t like use your left hand it’s a serious insult number two Mina Freya Italy in English the Italian phrase non me Freya translates to I don’t give a damn well there’s also a gesture that goes along with the same but a person sweeps their hand under their chin toward the other person it’s a silent way of saying that you could care less it’s also very blunt number three you suck cock global when a person holds a fist to their mouth and then shake it toward the other person it’s a very blunt way of telling them the face suck to add insult to injury and even worse word is added afterwards in all parts of the world this hand gesture is extremely insulting number four the wanker Britain if a British person comes up to you with a fist and they move it up and down don’t think that they want to be your friend they’re actually calling you a Waker which is a major insult in Britain if a British person does this when they see you it’s best to just walk away their reason for approaching you probably isn’t a friendly one number five thumbs up West Africa Greece and Iran in the United States a thumbs up is a gesture that you give somebody when they did a good job in Iran Greece in West Africa it is the exact opposite of that in these parts of the world the person is telling you that their thumb is cold and that your bum would be a great place to warm it up it’s crazy how some rude and gestures from around the world are actually positive hand gestures in other parts of the world number six the V sign Ireland New Zealand South Africa Australia and the United Kingdom in many places around the world when someone makes a V with their hands it means victory many teammates will look at each other and give each other the V sign in other places around the world a V doesn’t mean victory it’s actually a declaration of war if you’re in Ireland New Zealand South Africa Australia or the United Kingdom you should avoid using the v hand gesture unless you are ready for a fight number seven the dog call the Philippines and most Asian countries in the United States and in various parts of the world pointing your finger at yourself and extending it up and down means that you want that person to come to you if you’re in the Philippines and in most other Asian countries you don’t want to use this hand gesture if you do you can find yourself in a lot of trouble in some cases you could wind up in jail number eight the a okay France Belgium Tunisia Turkey the Middle East Greece Brazil Germany and South America in the United States when a person holds their hand out and they connect their index finger and their thumb it’s the a okay sign it means a person that you’re doing it to has done a great job if you are in certain parts of the world though you do not want to use this gesture in many parts of the world this gesture can mean anything from calling someone gay calling them a butthole telling them to F themselves before you use this gesture you should probably think about where you are number nine the corner Italy and Spain in the United States when a person holds up their pinky finger and their index finger it means rock on in Spain and Italy it means something completely different this hand gesture is a way of telling somebody that you’re sleeping with their wife if you’re visiting Italy or Spain you want to avoid using this hand gesture unless of course you actually are sleeping with their wife and then please stop that’s just wrong number 10 that defeat that Chile if you’re in Chile and you make a fist with a small hole and put your other hand in front of it it’s a sign that you’re telling a person they have a small penis number 11 the fig sign China and India if you’re in China or India and you make a fist but you put your thumb between your index fingers and your middle finger it’s a huge insult and either represents the female genitalia which is pretty rude or it’s a rude way of dismissing a person’s request number 12 be volcans salute this hand gesture is rather silly if you create a V using your index finger and middle finger together and your ring finger and pinky finger together you’re making the Vulcan salute and there’s nothing wrong with making this hand gesture unless you’re surrounded by Klingons which probably is not gonna happen number 13 Baird soles countries in the Middle East in many cultures if you point your bare foot at someone it’s considered an insult number 14 the little finger wag the United States and the United Kingdom in the US and the UK if you go up to a man and show him your pinky finger you’re telling him that you think he has a small penis how rude number fifteen the middle finger global this is the most widely known most widely used hand gesture and somebody sticks up their middle finger at you they’re telling you to f off if this is a global hand gesture he needs the same thing just about every part of the world you can use the middle finger to insult people no matter where you are subscribe for more [Music]

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