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‘Rub it in’ Meaning | English Business Idioms

Here I will explain the idiom “rub it in.” English winners, have you ever heard this
phrase? “Just keep rubbing it in, won’t you?” “Just keep rubbing it in, won’t you?”
Or: “Stop trying to rub it in.” “Stop trying to rub it in.” So what does rub it in mean?
Well, I’ll tell you. Rubbing it in means to make somebody feel more uncomfortable
about something. Let’s say somebody is really scared of spiders, right? And one
day they are with their friend and their friend saw them react strongly to
spiders – maybe they saw a spider and they shrieked AHH, and they jumped onto a desk
and started screaming about the spider – now later, that person who was scared of
spiders and their friend are talking to somebody else, and that friend brings up
the story about how she reacted to the spider… or he… and now they are
embarrassed, right? So now, more people know about that embarrassing story, and
that’s rubbing in the embarrassment that that person feels. So, when you’re talking
about somebody’s weakness and teasing them about it, you’re rubbing it in;
you’re making them feel more uncomfortable or worse. In my opinion,
that is not a good way to keep a friendship. And another way to use ‘rub it
in’ is… let’s say I am in the Philippines, and it is very warm and wonderful. And my friend is in Alaska, where it’s very cold. And I can say: “Man, this nice weather on
the beach feels so good!” And if I know they are shivering in their car – trying
to turn on their car – and they’re freezing, me talking about how nice the
weather is where I’m at just makes them feel worse about the weather where they
are, right? So rubbing it in can inspire some jealousy. Now, ‘rub it in’… I think comes from a medical term, because when
somebody is cut, and you put salt on the cut, it hurts. So, you’re rubbing it in…
you’re making the other person feel worse. So, do NOT rub it in. That is our
lesson on rubbing it in. Please, do not rub it in. If you have a story about
where somebody made you feel worse by rubbing it in, please let me know down in
the comments. Keep the names out to protect the innocent… or not so innocent,
in this case. Check out my idioms playlist, and until
then, I will see you later, English Winners.

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