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Robbers hijack a UPS truck in south Florida after failed jewelry store heist

100 Replies to “Robbers hijack a UPS truck in south Florida after failed jewelry store heist”

  • tough situation. easy to judge. if the cops had saved the hostage I'm sure no one would be praising them. coward thieves used a human shield in a crowded and people died that is all.

  • Maybe an actual reporter should have presented this instead of the head pig defending his nazi stormtroopers unloading their weapons into two innocent people.

  • Rule # 4: be sure of your target, and what lies behind it. I cannot believe they open fired with so many pedestrians around. These idiot cops should be jailed.

  • Cops killed the UPS driver as he was trying to crawl out of the truck. There's footage that proves it. They had a hostage situation, unprofessionally handled by the police.

  • “Situation terminated!” Asshole. This copper doesn’t give two shits that his guys killed two people. Maybe if the cops acted with a bit of restraint, two innocent people would still be alive. Prick

  • Bad day to be a civilian. Cops will kill you in a gun fight over some ones money. Judge jury and executioner. Would not have been dead civilians had the cops not pursued to that conclusion. Cops are NOT your friends. They protect wealth….

  • Everything the cops did appears to have been the wrong move. They even used cars in traffic as cover to close in on the truck when it was stopped by traffic. This means they power citizens at needless risk. Who trains these guys?

  • Getting into a shootout at a busy intersection, very badly handled. Eager cops that want to be the 'HERO' that takes out the hijacker

  • Stupidly handled. Shootout in dense traffic. Public should shoot back in a situation like that. Maybe cops will think twice.

  • What happened to the part where the cops killed the UPS driver? Once again, there goes mainstream media reconstructing the narrative. So sorry . That's just reckless policing.

  • I swear, people are loosing their damn minds anymore… Talk about gun control all you want, but it has to go deeper than that. What's pushing/making people to go to these extremes?

  • Clearly the ups driver was shot by the police as you can see in the video. They needlessly put lives at risk by stopping the truck on a busy highway and having a shootout surrounded by civilians. They should have fallen back and followed the truck to a less populated area and stopped it there. The ups drivers life and civilians life were not worth protecting some shiny worthless rocks.

  • Next time cover is needed I'll be sure to grab one of your LEOs and use them as meat shields, just as they treat their civilian populace. Goose-stepping cunts.

  • 2 lowlife POS woke up that morning and instead of going to work like the rest of us decided to go rob a jewelry store, that decision and that decision alone is why two innocent people lost their lives. People need to see this for what it is. You have to be a special breed of stupid to pin this tragedy on the police.


    Plz help his 2 daughters

  • The armed criminals started this and they are all blaming cops. They want guns legal and then say cops can not shoot

  • Spanish news showed the man on the passenger side getting shot and you could see the blood hitting the pavement. Meanwhile US media stops before that occurs.

  • In new york it is illegal to fire a gun to suspects on the street like this scene. And protecting using civilians cars? And fire the hostage with brown uniform? Hmm something is wrong here

  • The Excessive Militarization of American Policing

  • U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression


  • Collateral damage! The police made big mistake not to clear innocent people of the road and getting to close to the criminals. What they did open fire. How ridiculous is to investigate the crime for what? So they could used to protect them ,from a lawsuit from the victims family.🤔

  • The police new that they where armed so why run up to the ups truck if they suspects had guns and had hostage…ones again police don't care about tha hostage at this time they only won't to kill the 2 thugs… don't matter how many people get cut on the cross fire but this 2 thugs going down…no matter what

  • Trying to make it sound like the first gunfight was as bad as the one on the highway, City Hall got hit, I doubt she was shot by the store owner. Bad job by the cops, great job by owner.

  • There should be IQ tests issued and fire any cop below a set score.
    These juicehead cops only know violence and have no comon sence or decision making skills.
    If I were the captain I would have ordered them to back off, have the helicopters follow the ups truck so the robbers dont feel the pressure to come out shooting.
    If you think about it, those ups trucks are governed at a certain speed (usually 65) so in a chase down the thieves will feel like they are not in control and with the cops on their ass the only thing they can do in desperation is come out shooting.

    If they would Have ordered the helicopters to follow them and lay back most likely they would have gone to their house and bunkered down. At that point just call the swat and no one would've been killed…

  • Ok all bad guys just give up and take responsibility for your actions. So the police will stop putting everyone else in danger by being suicided by cops eager to be hero’s. Thanks to the Police Chief for clarifying this. Kinda like the no knock policies that ultimately failed. Are the cops going investigate themselves now to say this chase was and the two civilians kill were necessary and not the fault of the this harass and collect government approved police state. What’s the chief going to say next??? It’s Trumps fault? RIP to the innocents taken this day!

  • This is so sad for the civilians. May they Rest In Peace. You engage in a shootout on the highway during rush hour and use civilian cars as shields🤦🏾‍♂️ These tactics make zero sense to me

  • Fake news! Sucking blue balls again! You can’t out the part where it shows how reckless and dangerous the cops were! Quotation it bad guys give up we wouldn’t kill everybody else

  • These cops are very dangerous and were not protecting the community. Innocent people died as the police did not act with due care. Consequently the policemen deserve to be fired and charged with murder.

  • I watched the live video. THEY USED A CIVILIAN’S CAR WHILE THEY WERE STILL INSDIE AS A SHIELD KNOWING DAMN WELL THEY WERE THE THREAT TO THE ARMED ROBBERS. We need more educated cops. The whole thing was messed up.

  • The Cops absolutely failed and caused the death of the driver and likely the by stander. Forensic examination will determine who shot who and heads will roll!

  • Trash cops. I've said a thousand times, if you settle in Florida, then you deserve what you get. Just 'cause you're light-skinned won't save you from their jackbooted thugs with badges. What more proof do you need than a man getting killed while waiting for vehicle assistance, or the psychiatrist that was shot when lying prone and hands out. Boycott Florida.

  • I’m confused did the robbers have a separate getaway truck that was already subdued or did they directly go for that UPS truck

  • I’m pretty sure 100% those cops thought the UPS driver was apart of the heist. They picked a good bad getaway vehicle. First of all they picked a truck that I’m pretty sure they couldn’t handle. Most UPS trucks are manual shift second I’m pretty sure the two guys were in the back surrounded by packages. I saw the bullet holes in the truck none were on the backdoor only the sides

  • So LawEnforcement Ready Knew That Was A UPS Driver Hold Hostage. This Turned Out Insane. It Could Of Been Prevented. They Should Of Never Chased Them. Even During Traffic.., They Should Of Left Them Alone While The Helicopter Was Taking Footage And Direction. Law Suits Will Be Held.. All Those Officer Shooting While Traffic Was On The Scene. A By Stander Was Killed And The Young UPS Driver..Justice Must Be Served. All Those Officials Should Be Fired and Serve Time In Prison. The Mayor Should Also Be Accounted able For This. Those LawEnforcement Officials Gotten Trigger Happy…at Least 200 Rounds Were Shot The UPS Truck. Chief Also Be Respondsible All of Them Have Innocent Blood In There Hands.

  • All the cops should be RED FLAGGED . They are a danger to society and themselves. Take away their guns now. A law good for 1 is good for all….

  • There's a lot of criticism re the loss of innocent lives, but innocent people world wide lose their lives each and every day. There's nothing that can be done about it and it's the way of the world. Whether it's criminal activities, police shoot-outs, civil war, internecine war, religious war, famine, disease, natural disaster, innocents die one way or another through no fault of their own. What happened in this instance is reprehensible, but it happened and no one will be prosecuted much less indicted.

  • I moved to Europe 6 years ago. I am shocked by all the violence in the U.S.A. 9/11 was like watching a movie directed by J.J. Abrahms

  • I thought police always back off a little when there are hostages involved.. looked here like all they wanted was to stop the robbers at all costs

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