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RID Open Letter

Hello. my name is David Bahar, director of public
policy with Communication Services for the Deaf, or CSD. Today over forty different organizations have come together to submit an open letter to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, or RID. RID offers four different certifications for
sign language interpreters: the National Interpreters Certification, known as the NIC, Certified
Deaf Interpreter credential or CDI, the SC:L for court and legal interpreters, and the Ed:K-12 for educational interpreters. On August 1 2015 RID announced a moratorium
on those programs. Following the moratorium announcement, RID
shared plans to transfer the four suspended certification exams to a new organization
called the Center for Assessment of Sign Language Interpreters, or CASLI. RID and CASLI announced that they would resume
only the NIC program as of October 1, 2016, and testing began one month later in November
of 2016. It is crucial that the community be well informed
about the current status of and future plans for all four certification programs, as many
people rely on interpreters on a daily basis. Deaf and hard of hearing people rely on interpreters’
certifications to help ensure that they are working with qualified interpreters. Many businesses and sign language interpreting
agencies require interpreters to have certifications, and there are several states that will only
allow interpreters to work in their state if that interpreter has an RID certification. The gap during which no certifications were
offered by either RID or CASLI means that no new interpreters were able to enter the
work force in such states during that period. Our open letter makes four requests of RID
and CASLI. First, please begin widely disseminating information
about the status of the NIC program and plans for its future through a number of different
mediums such as social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube in addition to traditional
written announcements. Second, we ask that RID and CASLI communicate
early and often about ongoing work with the three certifications still in moratorium,
rather than waiting until such work is nearly completed to share its plans. Third, we ask RID and CASLI to please move
forward with sharing plans for the NIC after its lifecycle ends. Upon announcing the resumption of the NIC
program, RID and CASLI also made public that the NIC had only two years left in its life
cycle. That means as of today the NIC has only one
year left, and expires in 2018. We ask to know more about plans to keep this
certification program running long term. Lastly we ask that RID and CASLI please explain
their respective long term plans for organizational stability and financial security, to ensure
they are able to offer certifications consistently. Should something unexpected befall either
or both of those organizations, it would have a serious and negative impact on the community. Thank you for your attention and we look forward
to your response by August 11 2017.

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