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Revision Exercise of Hastak or Hand gestures for Beginners | Learn Kathak Online | Lesson 39/222

Lets sum up all the ‘Mudras’ together So that you have a working knowledge of how to use these one after the other ‘Utpati’ ‘Naman’ ‘Sthir’ ‘Samathal’ ‘Urdva Hastha Chakra’ ‘Madhya Hastha Chakra’ ‘Thala Hastha Chakra’ ‘Urdva Kon Suchita’ Up and middle Up and back Up and back The other side Up ‘Madhya Hastha Suchita’ On your right Now on your left Sharp And back Sharp Take it down ‘Thala Hastha Suchita’ The other side ‘Vyapti’ ‘Pushpak’ ‘Palat’ This will give you and idea of how to use these ‘Mudras’ one after the other Excercise is neccessary Make sure you practice them as a warm up before you start your lessons I hope you enjoyed this lesson I will be uploading a new video every Wednesday So, subscribe to this channel and stay connected You can also like, comment, share And send your feedback Happy Dancing

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