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REVEAL! NCT’s wardrobe (Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation) | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.9

Isn’t there a beach in Atlanta? When you go to Chicago, you should check out Chicago Bulls Chicago Bulls And for DOYOUNG CNN broadcasting station and Coca Cola! Guys, think about what you’re going to do there I hope we wear something that genuinely makes us feel great I hope I don’t wear something embarrassing But everyone has different standards Yeah, keep talking~ I’m preparing Then for YUTA, he’s going to wear see-through clothing only See-through for both top and bottom Isn’t this one our concert costume? If you come in like this, Even though only one person goes out, everyone should go back Oh my goodness, I don’t have any clue Guys~ It’s going to be fun Welcome to another episode of Johnny’s communication center JCC! J C C, whatever you wanna call it Today we’re here in NCT’s very clean wardrobe of NCT And today we have special guests because we have a special corner! A special revival of a corner, Johnny’s fashion evaluation And today we have special guests please come out! Okay, we have special guests today to help me out with this corner today We have a special concept As you know, we are looking forward to our North American tour right now And each of us have already become representatives of each cities For example, I am the representative of Chicago, We have Miami, We have Atlanta, We have Phoenix, We have San Jose And today we’re gonna choose each other’s outfits I’ve already prepared how we’re gonna choose each person that we’re gonna dress Inside these boxes, our names and the city Why are there four? JOHNNY is not in Hey come on~ I’m a judge for today If you say it nicely, we’re guests but basically we’re just JOHNNY’s play toys Yes, yes Yes, that’s it Okay everyone, please choose one! If you have your name in it then just.. What? I was going to choose Nike one Balenciaga one.. Me.. Me first? One two three! There’s my name in it! What? Me too! Yours and mine are switched Then you guys switch Okay let’s switch So everyone, we have chosen who we’re gonna dress and the thing is.. You must wear the outfit that the other person dress to you, okay? Promise! You should wear this when we get there We’re doing only one outfit right? Then.. Yes, one outfit But what about you? I’m the judge Okay, look look You guys do first, and at the end you could decide what I’m going to wear in Chicago Let’s go, let’s go Everyone, we have 15 minutes I wanted to do 10 but because we’re in a place where we don’t know where other clothes are we’re gonna choose 15 minutes How many minutes? 15 In Korean? 15 minutes! In Japanese? 15 minutes Okay Everyone~ 3 2 1 start I can’t even start, there are too many! Wow there’re some good stuff here YUTA YUTA! You like something unique right? Something unique? Yes We’re gonna have a check, It’s only been a minute and 30 seconds But we’re gonna see what everyone’s doing TAEYONG how’s everything going? Who are you dressing? My dressing people? YUTA! YUTA, where? Phoenix Concept! Like desert Oh~ like desert Okay Which one shall I choose? Okay, concept decided I’m going for a concept of mafia I’ve seen a sleeveless shirt here JUNGWOO, there’s not only aquarium there, but CNN broadcasting station! Okay DOYOUNG, who are you dressing? I’m dressing JUNGWOO JUGNWOO told me that the beach is famous in Miami So I’m thinking of beachwear look Oh beach! We’re with JUNGWOO right now Who are you dressing? Oh aquarium! Who! Oh DOYOUNG You’re thinking aquarium? How do you wanna dress him? Like blue? It’s.. amazing! I can’t find short pants! Woah look at how that looks Wow this looks so cool! Cool? Oh you mean JOHNNY looks cool Guys, I’m going to dress him with a concept of aquarium, you know When you think of aquarium, you think of what? Blue I’m going to make you feel cool As much as the others would feel the same Wow isn’t it look like an aquarium? JUNGWOO, please put your head out right here Ah that looks cute Oh DOYOUNG would look so good in this outfit as well This is the best one I chose so far And now I need to choose the pants Wow~! There’s something that looks like aquarium right here! Why were you here! There’s 12 minutes and 7 seconds left 1 2 7, that was lucky Look at these clothes Oh look at this, this is nice DOYOUNG is looking for short pants Are you gonna dress him like cool? Okay YUTA, is everything going fine? How are you doing? I’m so good, fine thank you and you? Where are the clothes? Nothing? No no, secret secret I think I’ve seen it here.. I want something shiny I wish there were a pair of pants in this color Okay I’m going for this one! This is the theme. I think I’m done now With this one and.. Let me see.. Hats wo don’t use.. Let me make them useful today TAEYONG finished? Finished TAEYONG what do you have? DONE Let me see what you have First of all, this is two hats Camo~ Camo accessary Are you gonna put that in the pants? Yes Okay Socks that look so soft Socks are important And.. Okay…! Is that a belt? Yes, belt Okay we got.. Real snake Real desert snake! Oh, it looks like an adventure Don’t you think you just randomly pick something blue only? No, sorry sorry sorry You gotta respect your stylist for today The reason I chose this one is that it reminds me of deep sea Ah~ it’s a sea! Down the sea! Under the sea~ under the sea~ Oh very good very good Please film me from this side Hyung, did you pick something? He picked some clothes for himself Oh did he? What about for the model? I already did 17 seconds everyone! Time is over Okay everyone! Everyone’s going to be changing 3 2 1 Anyways, okay! First model First outfit, please come out! DOYOUNG! Okay so JUNGWOO is the one who dress him like sea Atlanta right? Atlanta? JUNGWOO please come out I’ve prepared shoes for him but he hasn’t I didn’t even think of shoes This is all what he prepared for me Let’s leave it like this, just for now I think these pants are for cleaning No they’re not! I’ll show you why I chose these YUTA! Styled by TAEYONG Pose Can you expose please? Okay thank you Okay TAEYONG! Styled by YUTA I’ve not checked how I look yet, but hope it looks fine Um.. actually you should take off your socks Could you? If you look at right here, this shirt is from the bottom of the sea.. Don’t try to make up with your words This reminds me of deep sea.. But if you go up, it becomes like ‘Oh it’s so cool~’ Is it a mermaid? Like this! Just like aquarium! I mean, Do I really wear this outfit? Seriously? When we go to Atlanta Yes This is crazy So this is it! Now we’re moving on to Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation Okay guys, and you know what time it is It’s time for Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation Are we going to do this for all the members? Well, I love how they are in gradation Gradation, gradation, but no! Too blue! But I like the red point I’m gonna be honest, I like the red point But I see this is a little purple We’ve got DOYOUNG How are you feeling, what do you think about your clothes? What out of 10? Because of his effort… 7 7, okay that’s a 7 After, styled by JUNGWOO He’s missing the shoes! You got a 5 out of 10 5 points? 5 points Now, for the second model JUNGWOO, please explain I really tried to do it with a stylist’s mind Look, I’ve heard that the Miami beach is the first thing that people relate to Miami And this see-through item was worn by JISUNG for a music video But I’ve made a mistake here, this belt is too big so I will make sure that before we get to Miami… Did you not think of this beforehand? No but the belt… we don’t know the size of the belt until it is fitted! Ah, okay So I will make sure to punch extra holes in the belt before we go to Miami And when we arrive at the beach, he can take this off He can take it off and… have fun! On the beach And after he finished swimming, he can put it on again And the shoes, I intentionally wanted it to be colorful Materialist The outfit became beachwear-style, thanks to this see-through shirt Okay He did quite well, actually Yes, I tried… Please don’t edit that out! His thighs! No, turn around again for a second No, no, I can’t, seriously This is my last pride! I can’t, I can’t That’s too much, that is too much Guys, you know what time it is JOHNNY’s Fashion Evaluation After, But I really think JUNGWOO can go around in that outfit After, styled by DOYOUNG He did well Your clothes, what do you think? How are you feeling? 8! 8? Okay I love how it’s long, and then you got the short pants Very good DOYOUNG, I like that, I like that And I love how you put the point on the shoes The shoes are very pretty And what is this belt!? This belt is too big And you know what? You see this color on the belt? This red, and this red are different My evaluation, 8 out of 10 Next is YUTA with the stylist TAEYONG, please I feel so embarrassed Ah, should I explain it now? YUTA has heard that it is really hot in Phoenix So I have prepared a hat for him, to protect his skin This is in one-piece Oh, that looks like a snake This is the snake from the desert, you catch the snake and then… If I take this off, I really look like… that person who always researches… CSI? CSI! Huh, really? It looks cool even like this You look like a zookeeper I personally prefer this styling better Oh really? Why do you have this hat? I even have this too Then you know what time it is! Yeah you know what time it is Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation YUTA, how are you feeling, what out of 10? Maybe… 8? I felt like it would be a 5 8? 8 8 out of 10, oh that’s pretty high Okay, let’s see let’s see Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation going in You know what TAEYONG? I love how you brought in the concept I love the hat, I love how you thought about his skin His beautiful skin I don’t know about this though I’m not sure, I’m not sure about this But I like the belt And the pants are a little big I don’t like that I don’t like how it’s a little big But the shoes and the color I feel like the colors match very well This shade of like… beige-ish, nude-ish and the white at the end That’s very nice, I like that After, styled by TAEYONG My opinion? I give this outfit a 7.5 out of 10 7.5 Yes Okay, next model Ah, should I explain? I tried to create an image of a very rich man This white thing is here as a point of this fashion And this is… Yes, you can do a favor for other people like this And if someone is crying, you can go straight to them like this That’s right You can do that as well This is all gentleman’s outfit, and he is rich Money comes out from here It is obvious, he could just walk around the street and anyone would turn around and be like… I tried to create an image like that Hi USA You know what time it is, Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation TAEYONG is a San Jose (representative) San Jose is in California, and it is very hot And I don’t think anybody’s gonna be needing this fur coat You know what? I like this scarf too And the cheetah. That’s crimson as well But you know what the thing is? There’s a sleeveless shirt Styled by YUTA TAEYONG what do you think? What do you give this outfit, what out of 10? 7.5? 7.5, and you know what? I give it a 7 7 out of 10 Okay, you got an 8 out of 10 You got a 5 out of 10 A 7 out of 10 And a 7.5 out of 10 Oh but what if we can overturn the scores right now? Let’s talk about it We are not visiting the cities just for fun Right? We are visiting there as a representative and to better introduce the city Wow, does he even look like a representative to you? What I’m saying is that, this is not a representative’s fashion, but a mere visitor This is the utmost Miamian style! This is.. But then! Think about it! Can you imagine yourself attending a conference as a representative of San Jose like this? Yes, I can Of course! Can you wear that as a representative of Phoenix and… How good is that? Anyways, now you guys have to dress me Yeah, Okay let’s go Let’s take charge of different items, like top, bottom… Okay, and shall we do a mix-and-match of the different items? What do you want to choose? I want to choose an accessory How about you? I’ll take charge of the top Everyone, I’ll give you 5 minutes Hey let’s just match all the NBA items Hey hey, DOYOUNG It’s either this or this Well, everybody’s dressing me right now I don’t think it’s gonna work out that… Hey this is it That’s crazy! Yes, let’s go with that This is it! This should be worn inside I think we should make him wear this first and… Either that gown or this one here! We don’t need a shirt This is so pretty Or maybe we could just get some really tight jeans Or something extremely worn out… I’ve decided The concept is a magician Guys, we have 1 minute 10 seconds left JUNGWOO, let’s choose the shoes Hey did you find the trousers? Time! Time’s up! Okay Okay guys, here we go Now, TAEYONG’s Evaluation First off, scanning! Scanning, scanning, scanning… Clothes changing right now Let’s get it Be right back, everyone I’m kind of worried if that will fit It won’t, definitely it won’t Let’s try it I don’t think it will fit, how should I wear this? On top of this We are the champions, my friends~ We are the champions, we are the champions~ Please turn around once! Do some magic! Oh, like a magician? Are you really going to…? Chicago is a city of passion, so I have chosen red in that aspect… Please take off your jacket Ah, this was initially… I’m not sure who chose the shoes but it is quite lacking in its style As expected, it is hard to cooperate with people who don’t know stuff You are really… I personally like this flower from this outfit You can cut the flower…. This is… And make it fit in the pocket Feeling of freshness Stand-by, JOHNNY But this is JOHNNY’s style I feel like the color combination could be better Styled by… We Well, everyone, this is how my friends have styled me for Chicago There might be little changes, I don’t know See if you can find them But anyways, thank you for tuning in on Johnny’s Communication Center And today was the revival of Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation So please look forward to the next episode Peace~ Joh-Fam! Bye bye, Joh-Fam!

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