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How To Learn Sign Language

Rainbow’s End Sign Language Week

IRIS: Hello and welcome to Rainbow’s End. My name is Iris the fairy. ENZO: Iris, what are you doing? IRIS: I’m doing sign language. ENZO: Why are you doing sign language? IRIS: Because this week is sign language week. And we are happy to support. ENZO: Oh wow! Well, Iris, um, if this week is sign language week Do you think you can teach me how to say my name in sign language? IRIS: Yes, of course! ENZO: Okay, I’m ready. What do I need to do? IRIS: Okay. First off, you say “My”
ENZO: My IRIS: “Name”
ENZO: Name IRIS: “Is E…”
ENZO: Oh! So… (Together) My name is E-N-Z-O ENZO: Wow! Well, I think, Iris, we should go teach some other people in the park how to do some sign language. Do you think we can do that? IRIS: Some friends?
ENZO: Some friends! IRIS: Okay, well, friends lets meet! ENZO: Okay. Well, ah, lets go! IRIS: Okay! IRIS & ENZO: How are you? ALL: GOOD! ENZO: Wow! You guys are amazing! Can we all say “Thank you” as well? ALL: THANK YOU! ENZO: Look at that! Iris, aren’t they amazing? IRIS: It’s great to see everyone. ENZO: Do you think we should find some more friends and see what we can do? IRIS: Lets go!
ENZO: Okay, lets go boys and girls! Thumbs up? Wow. And can we say thank you? “Thank you” Very good. High five! IRIS: Well, Enzo, we have found some new friends to teach sign language. ENZO: Ooh, well, do you think we could teach them to “Have a good day”?
IRIS: Of course! ENZO: Okay. Boys and girls, ready? After me, here we go… ALL: Have a good day! ENZO: Well done everybody. Give yourselves a round of applause. Oh! Hold on, Iris IRIS: We put our hands up like this!
ENZO: Oh, shake your hands, boys and girls. ENZO: Wow!
IRIS: Yeah! ENZO: Very good
IRIS: And a thumbs up! ENZO: Wow, Iris, we found so many friends to teach sign language to Isn’t it amazing?
IRIS: Yes, it’s amazing. ENZO: Of course if you want to know more about sign language you can head to this very address But for now, this is Iris the fairy and Enzo the magician Saying “see ya later from…
BOTH: Rainbow’s End!” IRIS: Bye!
ENZO: Wow!

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