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Media and communication industries are currently
undergoing the greatest transformation since the invention of television, and probably
since the invention of printing press. The Internet and digital communication means that
anyone can be a media content creator. My name is Nick Drewe, and I studied a Bachelor
of Creative Industries, majoring in Media and Communication at QUT. At the start of
2013, I predicted the world’s largest music poll in the project we called ‘Warmest 100’
where we collected data from social media about what people were listening to and posting
about online. One of the subjects that I am studying is
strategic speech and communication, which I really enjoy purely because I love speaking.
And it gives you a chance to do that. But, at the same time you actually learning to
be an effective communicator. I use social media a lot. I use Facebook and
Twitter and it really helps me with this course as well, to develop skills to use to my advantage. So, what I am really interested in is the
way the Internet and new technology rapidly changes the way people communicate and share
ideas online. So, what this has done is shifted the power from large publishing and media
organisation to what used to be consumers. So, now anyone can be their own TV station,
their own radio network, or their own publisher. The media and communication industry has been
changing an awful lot in the last 10 years. So, you have a bunch of new technologies that
have risen in the time that’s made the industry a lot of more complex. The great thing about studying Media and Communication
at QUT is that it always look to the future. Our graduates will end up in jobs that probably
don’t exist right now. As part of my degree, I helped work on the
Brisbane Media Map, which media communication students work on every year to document and
capture the Brisbane media landscape. The Brisbane Media Map is our final year student
project. It is the largest online database of media and communication industry in South
East of Queensland. It gives student opportunity to work on the real life project before they
enter the industry. So, if anyone that is interested in the shifting
media landscape or the way Internet and new technology are changing the way people are
communicating, I would definitely recommend studying the Bachelor of Creative Industries
at QUT.

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