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How To Learn Sign Language

Quick Interactive Language Screener Animated Introduction Video

What happens when children
struggle with early language skills? The research is clear. Language skills are strongly
connected to a child’s school readiness and academic success. So when preschool children
have smaller vocabularies than their peers, they’re more
likely to have poor reading outcomes in grade
school, and that leads to long term
risks for problems with literacy, mental
health, and even employment. When kids don’t have strong
early language skills, it’s also harder for them to
express feelings, convey ideas, interpret instructions
from adults, negotiate with
friends and peers, and learn new information. Early detection is the key
to helping children who struggle with language skills. The earlier you
catch the problem, the easier it is to
get kids back on track. And that’s where QUILS comes in. The Quick Interactive
Language Screener is a fun, web-based
screening tool to use with all your students. QUILS lets you
check the language skills of young children
and see if they’re making progress appropriate
for their age group. You can use it in any early
childhood setting with children ages three through five years. QUILS looks at three
critical language areas, vocabulary, what words
do children already know, syntax, what do children
understand about how words go together in sentences, and
process, how good are children at learning new language items. QUILS does what other
language screeners don’t. It measures, not only
language products, what the child knows, but
also language processes, how the child learns. That means you get a fuller,
more accurate picture of children’s language skills. How does it work? Kids complete QUILS
on a tablet or laptop in just 15 to 20 minutes
with little supervision from a teacher or
other adult. They respond to 48 items illustrated
with colorful cartoons. It’s easy and fun for
them, like a game. QUILS is easy for you too. The screener is
automatically scored, and results are immediately
available in clear and simple reports you can share with
parents and team members. If a child’s scores
fall below the cutoffs, QUILS gives you
guidance on planning next steps, such as referral to
a speech language pathologist or another expert for
follow up assessment. Screen early language
skills with QUILS, your first step to ensuring
school readiness and future success for every child. Learn more today. Go to

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