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Q&A 2 – Gesture vs Proportion and Time

Okay, so I’ve received a lot of questions from you guys regarding gesture and proportion Gesture is primarily without proportion. But Roman is all about accurate abortion How do I use each? Well, first of all gesture isn’t really without proportion When practicing gesture you shouldn’t be distracted by proportion, but you should still consider it Ideally, you will capture the gesture while staying true to the proportions though that will take time to train your eyes to see But I see what you’re saying. Sometimes you’ll need to change the proportions or move things around to improve the gesture but if you do that You’re not being completely accurate according to your reference. I Think it’s a balance. Sometimes you have to lose accuracy to create better gesture Sometimes the job requires complete accuracy It’s your decision how you want to balance it? Personally, I usually exaggerate the gesture Sometimes a lot sometimes only a little but rarely will I need to exaggerate gestures so much That the proportions look wrong You can have both Okay, moving on to another similar question from Carolina Valdes At this point when drawing gesture should I be thinking about proportions or in the meantime? Just focus on gesture. Most of my gesture drawings have bad proportions Is this something that with more gesture practice? I’m gonna overcome or I won’t get better at proportions until I start studying it as An artist you will have to learn a lot of concepts such as gesture proportions structure shading Perspective composition color the list goes on you’ll struggle with each until you have studied and practiced each Gesture and proportions happen to clash in a way that is frustrating to new students. The answer isn’t as simple as Study gesture and then study proportions. You will need to study both alternate them as you wish and Don’t forget that art isn’t something you graduate from like college. You will never be done practicing gesture or Proportions or structure or composition or color? I’ve said it before and I’ll keep repeating this Drawing and painting is like a sport. You constantly have to practice to keep your skills up So try not to get into the mentality that you can study a concept then move on to the next Instead think of it as if you’re adding a new concept to the soup of all the other things you’re already Practicing you can focus on one and then focus on another but remember that you will need to regularly revisit them Anyway, going back to the gesture versus proportions question. It will be tough at first Your gesture drawings will look disproportionate until you’ve trained your eye enough to capture the proportions and gesture Simultaneously, you will improve with proportions even if you don’t specifically focus on just proportions a lot of drawing is Observation, so as you observe your eye is slowly tuning itself and you get better at seeing accurate proportion but of course if you focus on studying proportion and Specific exercises for proportion you will improve quicker Here’s a plug in My premium figure course. I show you how you can practice measuring proportions and checking your own measurements Getting feedback is critical in recognizing and fixing your mistakes So if you don’t have someone that is always critiquing your drawings You need to do it yourself. The next question comes from Sid hassel ttan. I Started seriously practicing gesture end of January. I’m still struggling with timed gesture drawing I can’t seem to complete anything under And when I do there are key pieces missing And/or the proportions are out of whack. Is there anything else? I should be considering like starting the gesture with the bean or do I just need more practice? Yeah, you probably just need more practice you’ve only been doing this for a few months it’s normal not to see results immediately If two years from now you look back and there was no progress Well, then there’s a problem but month-to-month It’s hard to see a significant difference. It’s a very slow process. That’s why you just have to enjoy it You’re gonna spend years doing this until you get some sort of satisfaction So if you don’t enjoy the process It’s gonna be tough you Asked if there’s anything else you should be considering like starting with the bean Well, you can start with the beam or the Robo bean or with simple gesture lines Try all of them and get good at all of them But don’t worry about the time issue take as long as you need you will get faster I know the feeling of the time you’re making you anxious, especially when you first start doing it Go ahead and give yourself a few extra minutes There’s nothing wrong with that The purpose of the timer is to prevent you from drawing too many details not to make you move your hand quicker So if you find yourself trying to draw quickly and you think you’ve simplified as much as you could Then it’s better to add some time. You will get faster as you practice But if you’re spending too much time because you’re focusing on too much detail Then you just need to simplify it more different length. Sketches are meant for different amounts of detail If you only have 30 seconds to two minutes You only have enough time to do a few simple lines Indicating the main flow if you have 5 to 10 minutes then you can add the anatomy and details like I showed earlier if You’re posting your own drawings from these lessons on social networks Use the hashtag proko or tag me at proko on facebook Or at Stan Prokopenko on Instagram so I can see your drawings if you liked this video Pass it on to your friends and classmates and click this button here to subscribe to the proko newsletter So you don’t miss any new videos? Bye. Bye

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