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PRONOUNCING POLISH – Polish language lesson

The following video contains strong language and some hardcore swearing. So discretion is advised Unless you are Slav, then, you know, enjoy Friends, welcome back to Polish lessons with Boris it has been a good long while since I did a video of this And as you will notice I have been practicing all my Kurwas I have vodka and pivo ready right here And yes, I know, the song is not Polish So, friends, let’s start with something with more simple Something you that may need to use in everyday life Like for example “Hello” For example you can use this, when your friends have decided to go outside squatting and they didn’t invite you For example “Dzień dobry you [pierdole]” Or Pierdole I think is correct in Polish “Goodbye” For example, you can use Do widzenia you kurwa pierdole I’m going to chill with my other Gopnik friends “Banana”, this is very easy Like for example, stick this banana up your pierdole and shut the [truck] up “Mayonnaise” is “Majonez” Is the pretty much the same Or, I think the pronounce it “mAjonez” “Vodka” is “Wódka” “Beer” is “Piwo” “Ice cream” is “Lody” “Dog is “Pies” and “Female dog” is “Suka”, obviously To say “Thank you” you say “Dziękuję” And, finally, “Good night” is “Dobranoc” And I swear every remaining word in Polish is “Kurwa” Kurwa this, blin, kurwa that Is like multi-tool, it serves many purposes, fix all problems Like this friendly subscriber pointed out to me The people in traffic, they scream Although I think the other guy might have left by then Or maybe it’s just me, I don’t know how to pronounce it that fast But, okay, enough of the easy stuff I have collected the many things that you guys have asked me to pronounce And I strongly take on the challenge It means “I know what your mama did last night” Or, actually, I have no [trucking] idea what it means But, let me know. Also let me know what you think of my Polish so far Pretty good improvements, huh? Okay, bring on the next one Oh, no I think that should be correct Because the “o”, with the thing on top is pronounced like “u” At least I think so If anything has been taught to me by learning Polish is that the “o” with the thing is the “u” Yes, professional language lessons with Boris Feel free to take a break if you want But let’s continue It means “what the [truck] am I reading I cannot even understand this [hit]” Aah, what the [truck]?! Or is it Yep, nailed it No, wait wait [KURWA]! It is NO! Is good enough [Luck], who keeps sending me these things? These are [trucking] impossible to pronounce I was expecting people sending me like “mayonnaise” and maybe the occasional “shashlik” to pronounce [Trucking] blin, man Pronounce your surname I think [Straburzynski], I hope it is Marek, if that is how you pronounce that, then I have to say, you have the most well pronounceable name of any Polish person ever Congratulations, have a Gopnik award! So, what else have you given me? Yees This feels like a very friendly thing to say at family gatherings or maybe just around every other close friend that you have Thank you, thank you friends for all this Tomorrow I will be so well-educated in the Polish language that I can speak to the president No problem! Aah! What the [luck]!? [kurwa]… Too easy Oh, look, your name is Borys And you have written to me The [truck], this is not a word! [BORYS]! I cannot pronounce this This cannot be a word, [brit]! This like, do you use this in everyday life, like “Hey, friend, do you have some… …for me?” And he is like “Of course! “Today we have special on the… Aah, vot-vot, yes. I think I know this video Is about some Polish guy pronouncing his name and the other guy has to write it down Okay, enough of that Now give me the next one What the [kurwa] is this, a user manual? Ah, [truck] this Ah, you see, easy Although I don’t think this was meant for me to pronounce But, thank you anyway This looks like a very friendly thing to say. Youtube, please do not ban me I’m actually a nice guy Okay, okay, let’s do a last one [Boris the Shaslik King], this language, man Is like a polar bear mated with the giraffe in the Chernobyl nuclear reactor and this is their love child Besides the fact that most of these letters are consonants it feels like there definitely has to be, something, some scribble on top of every letter Is like some guy sat down and said “Hmm, this N letter looks very lonely, better put some [mayonez] on it” “Maybe this R wants some company as well, put a roof on it here” “This O needs a little crooked hook on the bottom” [Kurwa], this language is hard to learn, man How the [truck] do kids learn this language? Okay, let’s try this Not borscht Aah, you put some shashlik and blin there for me! Aah, you’re true friend of Boris And that is all for today, that concludes our lesson Well, thank you friends for all the good suggestions, all the words that you sent I will be going to the hospital now, because I cannot feel my tongue or the half of my face I hope you enjoyed Polish lessons with Boris Join me again next time Where we will be again learning some formal things to say Because, obviously kurwa ja piedrole suka is not enough Thank you for watching, I am Boris And have a Cheeki Breeki day, I’ll see you next time

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