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Priyanka Gandhi Says UP Police Misbehaved with Her

Last week Priyanka Gandhi Vadra filed a complaint against the Uttar Pradesh Police She said that the police in Lucknow pushed her and tried to choke her. This is why she filed a complaint. Let me tell you what happened. 76-year-old man SR Darapuri lives in Lucknow. Darapuri had been arrested for participating in the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests. He was then released and was back at home. Priyanka wanted to visit Mr Darapuri, to know why he was protesting against the CAA and other details. She went to meet him in the car. Just like political leaders have a fleet of cars with security to protect them, even she was accompanied by many cars. However, the police stopped them for questioning. Priyanka got fed up of the questions and got down from her car and sat on Congress worker’s scooter. She rode on the scooter for two kilometers but then the UP police stopped her again. Archana Singh a UP police officer stopped her, and did not allow her to visit Mr Darapuri. Priyanka was very irritated because they weren’t allowing her to meet him. She was angry at Archana’s bad behaviour and said that some officers pushed her and try to grab her neck. She then decided to walk to Mr Darapuri’s house. Priyanka said that the police did this because of UP CM Yogi Aditynath. Priyanka also said she is the in-charge of Congress for UP east and the government will not decide where she will visit. She said the UP police were extremely bad. Archana Singh of the UP police then said that Priyanka Gandhi’s entire story was a lie. She said she and the other police officials did not push her or grabbed her neck. They were was just performing their duties. Priyanka was simply spreading lies. Archana said that when VIPs, political leaders, etc travel with an entourage of cars with security so that they are well protected. Her security team has a plan to keep her safe but when Priyanka sat on the scooter and left how will they protect her. Also when she sat on the scooter, she wasn’t wearing a helmet. This is why the police stopped but she got irritated and started walking.

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