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How To Learn Sign Language

Prince William Praised For Using Sign Language

The Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) is a British award. In India, there are awards such as the Padma Shri and other awards. These are confered by the Indian President. Famous, actors, musicians, sportspersons and individuals for their outstanding contributions are given such awards. Similarly the MBE is one of the top awards given in Britain to personalities for their outstanding work. On Tuesday 14th January 2020 Prince William was at Buckingham Palace presenting these awards. The award was given to Alex Duguid for his contributions. He was loved by many Deaf viewers. He has been working as an interpreter for the last 30 years using BSL. For 30 years he has been interpreting these two British TV serials. He has been interpreting for years and is loved by many Deaf viwers. Prince William presented him with the award. When Prince William presented Alex the award.Even though both are hearing, he signed in BSL and Congratulated Alex. Alex then responded in BSL and said Thank you. This video went viral all over social media. Did you see the video? It has gone viral! On Twitter one user applauded Prince William for learning BSL. His mother Princess Diana was a patron of the British Deaf Association. Even she learnt british sign language. Just like her even her son has learnt Sign Language. Another Twitter user said that it is amazing of Prince William to learn signs as usually Royals have a busy schedule. Despite his busy schedule he learnt BSL. That is exactly how a royal must act. Usually Royals are extremely arrogant and refuse to learn sign language. Even though he is a part of the royal family he is humble. So cheers to him!

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