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How To Learn Sign Language

Price-Tag teaches the sign language alphabet

Hi Now, before Price-Tag goes “night night” i am going to give you a sign language lesson a FAST sign language lesson and you’re gonna love it Ok, so all we’re gonna do is learn the alphabet comment if you want more sign language videos Fish knows sign language too, just ask her maybe she can give you lessons too i’m not that good at it… all i really know is the alphabet and a couple words so like, A, B C, d, e F G G G H H I J, okay, so, the j is like an i, but.. like, in a “J motion” like, J. okay.. so.. K K K L L M M M N N O O P P is something… i dont know I’m not really sure on P… And then it’s like, Q Ugh the angle sucks ..okay… Q R S T U U V V W …X X Y and…Z now Z is like your pointer finger but moving in a Z moition like, Z so, now i will use mt letter skills to sign “Hi” to you that’s an H and here’s an I …hi…. but i has to be really fast i’m getting more fluent with my letters I’m trying to learn words, But i have to much with school and this youtube channel yeah, so i have this youtube channel, and i have school, and other priorities so, i don’t have time to learn sign language i actually learned the whole alphabet in one night but, yeah.. i don’t care if you think i talk weird, i just do. so, goodnight, i hope i helped you and your sign language needs like, maybe you know someone who’s deaf, and you never knew how to communicate to ’em… I LOVE DEAF PEOPLE you’re so awesome i’m trying to sign fast, which i don’t know how to do… if you’re bored by this video, i suggest you leave now but if you know someone who’s deaf you can communicate just…watch this, it’s your private lesson with Price-Tag i love you i love all my fans especially you! and you and you and that guy …and that guy and you!!! over there. not you, but you. yes, you goodnight happy signing i’m gonna sign you goodnight really fast umm… good….night…. i don’t know the signs for that…wait.. I DO know how to say that but i don’t, and i’m not really sure so like, no i was gonna say it all without spelling it out, but never mind this video’s almost at four minutes so i’ll end it at four minutes, bye i didnt stop… i keep hitting th button, but it just won’t stop. now we’re over my limit at four minutes

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