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President Trump Regrets Treatment of Late Brother

it’s a rare acknowledgement of regret from President Trump over his late brother this family portrait shows the five Trump siblings there’s the young Donald that’s his big brother Fred jr. who died at age 42 from a heart attack due to alcoholism now in a new interview with The Washington Post the president says he wishes he had been more receptive to Fred’s dream to be an airline pilot Donald Trump did tell me that he felt that there was double pressure a quote unquote from him and his father that they put on Fred Trump jr. reporter michael kranish interviewed the president he quoted Trump as saying I do regret having put pressure on him what he loved doing was flying airplanes it’s very rare for the president to admit a mistake to express regrets so the fact that he did so in this case I thought was very notable he certainly did do that the president says he and his father wanted Fred jr. to take a more active role in the family real estate business it was just not his thing Donald Trump says now I think the mistake that we made was we assumed that everybody would like it that would be the biggest mistake the president has been open about his brothers problems he had a very very very tough life because of alcohol believe me very very tough tough life Donald Trump has talked to some degree about how his brother’s experience has convinced him never take a drink [Music] you [Music]

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