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PRESENTATION BODY LANGUAGE: How to stand while giving a presentation

Your body language is much more powerful
than the words you speak When you’re looking for the right
composure in front of an audience you must remember this circle of impact.
More than half of the impact you have on an audience is caused by your body language
38% of the impact you have is caused by your voice and the way you speak and
only 7% of the impact is due to the content of your story. It’s not a lot, is it?
So nice and good body language is very important. Where do we start?
We start with our feet, with our legs. We plant them like trees in the earth.
Which doesn’t mean that you can’t move around during a presentation but it needs
stability. Your story needs to be stable also, so you need physical stability.
And then your shoulders: you have to straighten those shoulders and tuck up
your chin and to know where these shoulders should be there’s a very small
exercise. You just lift them up very high and let them drop and then they are
where they should be. So feet, shoulders and then your hands and your arms.
What do we do with these? Well one thing you have to remember is that you have to
keep an open communication with your public. So this creates a barrier.
We don’t do this. This is much to waiting You’re actually demanding commands from
the audience. So what you want to do is make the distance between yourself and
the audience smaller. So reach out with those hands and those arms. All right?
Feet, hands and of course never to forget a smile 🙂

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