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Pregnancy Update 22 Weeks ⎮ Getting Nosebleeds?!

Hello, welcome! Today is a new pregnancy update. Um last pregnancy update was just after our first anatomy scan. So that was around 18 weeks and now it’s about weeks 20 through 22. I’m almost done with my 22nd week. So I’m just gonna film that and include it. So what has been going on? Uh first good news… well wait. Let me back up. Okay so what’s been going on with the baby? Now for 22 weeks the baby is around a foot and about 1 pound. So get bigger. Um baby’s about the size of… the
baby is about the size of a guinea pig. Which is about that size I think. I think
that’s the size. I don’t know I’ve never had one before. Never had a guinea pig but I think that’s the approximate size. Um so what is going on with baby? We did have a second anatomy scan… was more of a follow up because the first scan, I remember if I mentioned this. I think I mentioned this before, is there some things that the technician couldn’t see. Like mostly like in the face.. in the chest area because the baby was looking towards my back. So the second scan everything looked really good. Baby was in the right position and um baby in my opinion is still measuring ahead. I think she
said at that time baby was supposed to be think 11 ounces cause I was 20 weeks and like a day with the follow-up anatomy scan and the baby was measuring at that time actually I think like 21 weeks and a few days worth. So like there’s about a one to two weeks ahead of the weight that it should be. So baby’s still “bigger”. Oh and also the good news. I had asked about placenta previa. If
you remember before at the first scan they said that it was a complete
placenta previa, which is not good you know. They said that I’d have to have a
third… I guess or just another ultrasound at around thirty two weeks to check and
see if it had moved enough that I would go ahead and try for vaginal birth or if not, if it was still complete or still close then I would have to do a c-section. Which is concerning. I mean it’s not the end of the world, but I still don’t want a c-section if I don’t have to hopefully. But yes so at the recent
follow-up scan the ultrasound tech said “wow looks pretty good. Looks like it’s
moved quite a bit enough that maybe we don’t need to have a thirty two week ultrasound.” So she said she would talk with the doctor and see their opinion and once that was all done she came back. So far as I know, the doctor I guess seems they feel like the placenta has stretched enough now that there should
not be any issue and I don’t think we’re gonna need the 32 week ultrasound.
I mean the doctor might change their mind later, but as of now it looks like it’s
stretched and I’m like yay! I mean just the fact that it’s moved enough that it’s not even a concern, that’s really good. Good because I mean I’m just gonna get
bigger and it’s gonna stretch more as I get more pregnant. So yeah, that’s awesome! Oh what else? Um we just recently had a midwife appointment. That was two days… ago three days ago… yeah, two days ago and everything was fine. Um it’s just the midwife appointment, so they just used the doppler and just… so far they’re not checking my fundal height. So from my belly. She said they’ll start that around 24 weeks and at that time I was 22 weeks and
a few days. But it was funny because we were trying to find the heartbeat and it was a different midwife. I haven’t seen her before and she would move it, kind of find it, and the baby would move. Then she’d moved the doppler and it was moving so much it was actually really hard to get a good long strong heartbeat. But there was no concern or anything.
It was just that they were moving a lot and I was like… she said “I can feel the kick or I can feel that. I can feel that.” Which is funny…. but symptom wise I’m
having more, not a lot, but sometimes I’m having some issues with eating and breathing. Just I try to eat and sometimes I get a little bit of shortness of breath. Just a little bit. Nothing too severe, but sometimes it’s
like okay. Sleeping… still having issues with that. That’s just how it’s been for a while. I’ll wake up to go pee or wake up just cause I’m tossing and turning or other things wake me up and then it’s just yeah. Ummm… recently, just recently I started having a tiny bit heartburn. I would say the biggest thing that’s come up is well, really, really recently I started getting
some nosebleeds. Like actual bleeding. It was two, three days ago. I remember
I took a nap during the day and I woke up and I remember I had to pee. So maybe it was about an hour and a half nap and I was… well my son was sleeping and I woke up and I went to like touch my nose and it just started bleeding really bad. So I went into the bathroom. Luckily it’s close by. This is where I was sleeping and I went in there and I have not had a nosebleed in probably… gosh many, many years. A long time ago and not even during my first pregnancy. I was like wait do I go up? Do I turn my head down? What do I do? So I’m trying to like Google as I’m holding my nose and then yesterday, as in of last night, I woke up probably around 2:00 in the morning, had to go the bathroom and as I went the
bathroom, touch my nose and again nosebleed. So I think it’s just because we have a really… it’s really dry right now and because you know obviously it’s
becoming cold here and the house is running the heat a lot and I’ve just noticed that even just myself. I just feel really, really dry. My nose is obvious dry. We’re gonna to set up humidifiers throughout the house. I guess maybe buy a second one. One in the bedroom. One for when we’re down here. I don’t know. But that was not fun. What else? Oh I’ve been having some itching problems. Not in my belly. More like in my inner thighs again. I’m still having some itching there now. I’ve had some other itching in other parts of my body too. Like the other day I was having a lot of like itching on my calves and just stuff like that. Again, I think it’s just because I have dry skin. Sometimes whether I’m sleeping, taking a
nap or sleeping overnight, I will wake up and TMI, but oh my gosh it’ll be like someone just kicked me right in the vag. I mean let’s just probably have the baby’s position. That’s what the midwife said. I’m like oh. It’s like I can’t even get up to walk around it hurts so bad. Um what else? I think that’s about it for
symptoms. I mean not awful, but not great either like my first pregnancy. Uh… I’ve just been very emotional because of other issues that have come up. So ya know I have some other video ideas I want to make and discuss about IVF and same-sex couples and all of that. There’s just there’s a big hoo-ha that happened recently because of…. you know whatever. I will make another video about it. So I think that’s all for now. Let me know if there’s anything else you guys want to know about these pregnancy updates and I’m gonna show you my belly. It’s getting pretty big. Okay well that is everything for 22
weeks of pregnancy. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed the video and remember to subscribe and click that bell. I will be having more videos coming soon. Yeah let me know of any other ideas that you want me to make whether it’s product reviews or mommy related or second time mom stuff… whatever you guys want to know. Let me know. See you the next one, bye!

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