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‘Posture, Object, Gesture’

Gentle synth music I explore the human figure, particularly
yoga postures and hand gestures. The physicality of the body becomes an
outward manifestation of internal mental experience. I’m looking at the duality of
mind and matter. In this piece, I was thinking about the
association over millennia between water and healing. Numbers and rulers are often
found in my work incorporated into my paintings. I’m interested in the geometry
and mathematical precision underlying the structure of forms.
You also see gold leaf throughout my work.
This weird juncture between the
material reality of the gold and the painted illusion of forms is intriguing
to me. Plus it’s just a very gorgeous substance, slightly translucent and
highly reflective. However, I often recall with some guilt the words of my graduate
committee chair who said, “use gold sparingly.” I didn’t listen to that. The seemingly impossible balancing acts
of yoga express the human urge for balance in our lives. The legs belong to
a yoga model, but they signify a state of mind — precarious, but still standing,
firmly one-footed. There’s a good deal of the color red in much of my work. I’m
thinking about blood — signifying human vulnerability in a mortal experience
that is often fraught with pain, disease and death.
Viewers may bring other associations with the subjects and objects of my work
creating a dialogue, hopefully a give-and-take of meaning. This dialogue
between art, self, and audience is central to my process of creating. Picture frames
are something that’s always difficult for me because they feel so artificially
imposed on my paintings, so working in reverse I often find cast-off objects or
antiques which I repurpose into frames, then I conceive of the painting and
craft it around the frame. “Stand Still” is painted in a frame constructed from an
antique child’s folding chair made out of metal. Detailed rocks are painted
across the top with a real rock resting on the base shelf. This paradoxical intersection between
illusion and reality makes me ask, “what is matter, what is spirit, what is thought
or consciousness, what is real?” and I like that I can never find the answers to
those questions.

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