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Polyglot speaking in 12 languages [SUBTITLES]

Hello good day to all So now I will speak a little bit in Spanish Spanish is a language that I like a lot OK, so in fact, both my grandmas come from Spanish speaking countries One is Venezuelan and the other is Colombian and this in reality gave me the possibility
to be able to practice with them since my childhood But sincerely I did not pick up my accent
from the Latin American part My accent is purely from Madrid, I think And the reason behind this is that I have
a lot of friends in Madrid So from this part And it’s that I speak with them very frequently OK but I would really like to travel to Latin American countries I would like to travel there and discover a new world,
the linguistical differences, the variations of Spanish How Spanish varies from a country to another Such as Chile, Argentina and Ecuador for example This is what I would like to do in
the future, hopefully Many thanks Hello, good day, how are you? Now I will speak a little bit in German So, German for me is one of my favorite languages, I would say I use German almost everyday I simply love the German language I like Germany At the beginning I bought myself some books and with these books I have read a lot, I have learned a lot, and I have written a lot as well and with these little words they I had I began right away to engage in conversations with other people that I have met On the internet And yeah.. I have made lots of friends I have met a lot of people from Germany, Switzerland as well I would say that the German language has become simply one of the most important languages to me And yeah.. I use it almost every single day Daily, daily, daily, really I like to travel to Germany and I simply like the German language I like Germany…the German food, the culture, and everything related to it Thank you Hello everyone So now I would like to speak to you a bit in French In fact I will not take too long with french since it’s one of my native tongues, apart from Arabic and Spanish So. it’s one of the languages that I speak the best in fact I was in a french school here in Lebanon Too bad that I entered school But yeah..this was the case So, all the subjects were given in french History, geography, maths… and this allowed me to maintain contact with the french language since always and then while traveling here and there I have met a lot of people I have made a lot of french speaking friends from France, Switzerland, Morocco I have made a bunch of Canadian friends as well and this allowed me to speak French everyday and in particular with my Parisian friends I have to do my Parisian accent Here in Lebanon we speak like this One must roll his R’s cause if you don’t roll your R’s in Lebanon you are considered either a snob or a retard Thank you all Hello everyone Now I want to speak to you a bit in Italian So first of all, I bought myself a learning book as usual like I do with all the other languages well not all of them, but the majority of languages that I have learned So I bought myself a book, I started off with grammar I didn’t do a lot of grammar I got out of the book after one month, 2 months In fact, there is an Italian proverb that says “The practice is worth more than the grammar” And in this way, I got out of the book I simply started to practice, to listen and to practice with people to listen to things such as Podcasts or Audiobooks things like that So, in this way, I managed to speak italian at a really high level, I can say Now I can communicate with people without any problem I can be understood and understand the people when they talk to me back I have so many Italian friends I got to know a lot of amazing people One of my friend Emanuele Marini, a dear friend of mine That comes to pay me a visit often in Lebanon I greet you from here Thank you Hello everyone How are you? I will speak now a bit in dutch But first of all I have to say that I don’t speak dutch very good But my writing and reading are better than my speaking, I believe And I also believe that my pronunciation is not particularly good But I try to imitate the people as much as possible and this is no problem for me I found the dutch language very easy….it was very easy in the beginning because it is very similar to the German and the English language I began to learn Dutch a bit more than 4 years ago Yes, 4 years ago, almost to be able to speak with my dutch friends But afterwads I had forgotten a lot of the language because I didn’t use it I have forgotten a lot of words But when I will speak Dutch with Dutchmen again, then I will recall again upon the words I will have a good conversation with the people Hopefully, a good conversation with the people Thank you Hello, how are you? Are you fine? In Lebanese, we use three languages in a sentence, and this is what differentiates us from others Lebanese is my mother tongue It is the languages that I speak without any effort, in general I know that for those of you who are watching me and who are learning Arabic, or who have already learned it are going to have a very hard time to understand me I know that there are a lot of discrepancies between the languages especially if you are studying standard Arabic or another dialect of Arabic you are going to find a lot of differences you might even not be able to understand nothing at all and this is why I would like to wish you all the luck, really I know that arabic is a very tough language, and that it’s not easy at all So, yeah..Good luck to all of you Good day, everyone I will speak now in Portuguese, in Brazilian Portuguese I really like that language I like Brazil quite a lot I like the Brazilian culture, the Brazilian food, the people, the country Really everything I started learning Brazilian Portuguese almost two years ago two years, more or less At the beginning I bought myself some good books to learn and in reality it has been very easy because in fact I have learned it in analogy with Spanish given the fact that I already spoke in spanish so it has been really easy for me to memorize all the new words that I encountered Now I have the opportunity to speak Brazilian Portuguese every single day in my life I have a number of Brazilian friends that live here in Lebanon and in Brazil I think that Portuguese for me is very beautiful The intonation, the pronunciation, is very beautiful But sometimes when I speak with Brazilians I tend to mix spanish words with portuguese for example the word “desafortunadamente” in Spanish and I use “desafortunadamente” in Portuguese But it’s not “desafortunadamente”, it’s “infelizmente” I do some mistakes in the language but they are not major problems for me I think that I have a good level in Brazilian Portuguese Thanks a lot Good day, how are you? I will speak now a bit in greek I began to learn greek a bit more than one year and to be able to do that I have used different methods combined with listening, reading, and writing and yes, after some practice I can say that I am able to speak in greek without problems I can write, and I can read easily and I can understand the Greeks when they talk to me I have been in Greece already five times and I like this so much I like Greece very much The country’s nature The country’s culture In reality I like everything there and all of it really interests me especially its culture I have a lot of friends in Greece; in Athens and in Thessaloniki and this is the reason why I can practice this language very often Thank you very much Hello Now I will speak a bit in Norwegian So, yeah..I have started to learn the Norwegian language a liitle more than 8-9 months ago I believe that Norwegian is very interesting for me It has been generally very easy as well because it is another germanic language and I already speak other germanic languages like German, or Dutch, or also Swedish and yeah.. I shall say that I love the Norwegian language I love the country This country is fantastic for me In fact I have been to Norway last year in July and I would say that I loved the country It has been amazing for me I have had a great experience when I was in Norway when I used my Norwegian with the Norwegians that I have met and it has been really fantastic for me I was very satisfied about that And yea.. that was everything Thanks a lot Hello How are you? Now I want to speak in the serbian language I think that this language is very interesting but really hard as well very beautiful but very difficult I started to learn it 3 months ago I have learned a lot about the serbian history and the serbian culture because the culture and the history of this country interests me a lot I also have a lot of serbian friends that live in Serbia so I always have the opportunity to practice my serbian with them when I desire and yeah… I will go to Serbia from the first of June to the ninth of June this year […] It would be great if I’d use the Serbian language there all the time I thank you a lot Hello to all Now I would like to speak a bit in Romanian I started to learn Romanian one year ago and in the beginning I bought some good books and was really interesting for me at the beginning because I have read and written a lot in Romanian and it was very interesting for me to see how close are Romanian and the other Germanic languages like for example Portuguese, or Spanish, or French and in particular Italian and Latin languages I’d like to say that I like Romania a lot and I’ve already been there once It was in Christmas time and I liked this country a lot It is an incredible country The real truth is that it’s incredible It is wonderful, beautiful and the people there are friendly and very warm and amazing but unfortunately I don’t have the occasion and the opportunity to speak romanian everyday and very frequently because I don’t have lots of Romanian friends but it is not a big problem for me because I can use my Romanian every time I go to Romania and this is not a very big problem for me and yeah..without any doubt, I can speak Romanian everyday now and this is excellent for me That’s it Thank you very much

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