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How To Learn Sign Language

“Playing the Deaf Card” in Irish Sign Language

Sometimes. Sometimes deaf people, you know,
we’ll kind of use our deafness to help us, you know get into places, like for example
into a nightclub. You know, being deaf, obviously we can’t hear the music so why should we
have to pay into a nightclub (audience laughs). But to be honest we can hear a little bit
and we can probably feel the music and we love to dance but we’ll chance our arm anyway
so sometimes we’ll come up to bouncers and say listen, we’re deaf we can’t hear.
They’ll go off and speak to the manager and we’ll end up getting in free. Or we’ll
get it half price or. You know, now sometimes we don’t get away with it, we’ll have
to pay. When I was younger I used to do that a lot but now that I’m older, I’m a little
bit more embarrassed to do that so I don’t do it as much.
Recently I went to the zoo and there were three of us who are deaf and there were two
hearing people and they were just learning to become interpreters. So five of us in total
and we asked, we explained that we were deaf and we had two interpreters with us and you
know we needed our interpreters there so they agreed to let the two, you know what we called
interpreters but they were just our hearing friends. They agreed to let them go in for
free and as deaf people then we all got half price it was brilliant! (audience laughs)
So there was no barriers there, I mean, there was no communication so to speak that we needed
interpreted I mean there was all animals in the zoo but still we got away with it like.
Also deaf people have been known to, you know if they’re caught speeding by the guards
they’ll use the deaf card and the guards will just say ok well go on just don’t do
it again so I’ve heard loads of stories very similar to that, with using the deaf
card. But I recommend you don’t try this! (audience laughs).

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