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hello guys today I am going to show you
how to expand a notification panel do the work of the back button home button
and the recent button by just tapping the fingerprint sensor of your phone yes
you have heard me right by just tapping the finger pin sensor of your
phone just like the Google pixel phones and it works in every Android smartphone
it doesn’t need root access it doesn’t need any third-party
application it is present by default in every under smartphone so let’s get
started first of all go to the settings then go to accessibility here you can
find that the talkback switch access and several other options here there is switch
access that is present in every smartphone so go to switch access then
you can see that this is used for motor impairment control phones and tablets
using one or more switches use switches to select items scroll into text and
more so go to settings and here you can find several options but we don’t want
all other options here inside assign switches you can see that assign
switches to actions ok press this button assign switches to actions so here the
long press scroll forwards scroll backward back home notifications quick
settings and overview so all other options are there we want the bottom
bottom five options like back home notifications quick settings and
overview the top three options are not necessary now for now so let’s go to
notifications so when when you place there so it shows that press a switch
combination to add or remove it from the list
so what it does is it requires to press a button a like volume up button or
volume down or the power button so that it can remember the
key code when you press it so let’s try the volume up button when I press it it
shows that key code volume up so we don’t want it now so clear switch assignment now let’s find another example we can press the volume down button also
yes so when when we press the button at that moment it captures the key code for
the particular button like the here you can see the key code volume button so
clear the switch assignment for the fingerprint sensor button we can do the
same so just tap on the fingerprint sensor so here it also captures the
fingerprint sensor as a button like key code unknown for some other smartphones
it may show that key code nav bar or something like that for now clear switch
assignment we can also hold the button hold the fingerprint sensor for another
task like when you press and hold the fingerprint sensor for some time it
shows that KEYCODE_FPS_ONENAV_HOLD so it can the fingerprint sensor acts as the
double purpose like for the simple touch and also for the long press so clear
the switch assignment because I want only the tap button like the touch so
tap it now it catches the KEYCODE_UNKNOWN press ok
so what it does is when we touch the fingerprint sensor it activates the
notifications bar also we can do it for the back purpose home button and
overview that are the bottom three options of a smart phone also we can use
it for the quick settings we can also set it for that so now go back go back
and turn it on when you turn it on it shows several accesses like observable
actions you try Windows content these are necessary so turn that on press ok
after that you can now switch the notification bar like the toggle button
when we touch the fingerprint sensor let’s do it in three two one here it is
when we touch the fingerprint sensor it scrolls down notification panel let’s do
it again here it is so it is working fine for
now let’s turn it off and go back because I
have to show another thing here you can see that another application installed
like easy app switcher you can download it from the Google Play Store
open it and here several options are there let’s start it start the service
and now you can see you can see that there is a arrow button because I have
assigned this for the back button so you can and just press it all the back
button access also you can slide it to the left for the recent applications and
also you can slide it down slide it down for the notification panel so there are
several options are there like back home and recent same like the switch access
so that’s from now thank you


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