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PINGS AND COMMUNICATION – League of Legends Guide

Communication is key, but where is the keyhole? Today my fellow summoners I shall be teaching you about the importance of clear and concise communication in League of Legends. Without further ado, let me tell you right now that communication wins games by itself in League and this does not mean that you are not winning games because you don’t type in chat enough, maybe you’re even doing it too much. Communication in league has been made very simple and easy to do with the use of smart pings. Smart pings come in a variety of different shapes and colors. All of them with specific functions and meanings. I am here to tell you today that the enemy missing ping does not serve to show your teammates you are confused about a bad play. You can be an idiot all the same by typing it out instead of pinging eight times over his dead body. Before smart pings were introduced to the public, they had access to only two types of pings: An alert and a retreat ping. We still use these today in different occasions. You can use the alert thing by pressing Alt + left click somewhere on the map. This can be used to target enemy champions, target enemy towers or objectives and it can also be used to tell your teammates you need help defending a tower or an objective and if your team should take baron or dragon as well as buffs. The retreat ping can be used in the exact same way, except you press the ctrl + left click. You can ask your team to steer away from a certain enemy structure or objectives and just let your team know that they’re in a dangerous situation. Both of these can also be used by pressing the letters G and V on the keyboard respectively. Later on, we had four more specific pings added and these were called smart pings. You have access to the danger ping, the on my way ping, the assist me ping and finally the enemy missing ping. You can access all of these by clicking alt or control and click dragging on the field with the left mouse button. The functions of these pings seem pretty obvious and yet there’s still people using them wrong. The danger ping just means that you are in a dangerous position or that you should move before you die. You could, for example, ping a bush because you think the enemy might be hiding or if you saw the jungle move up the river to gank a lane when it’s pushed. The on my way ping signals your teammates that you’re going somewhere. You should use it if you’re planning on ganking a lane, defending a tower or taking an objective. It is commonly used as a response to the assist me ping. The assist me ping shows your team that you need help with something, whether it is about defending an objective or taking one, it will let your companions know that someone should head where you pinged. Finally, the enemy missing ping tells your teammates that some enemy isn’t where he’s supposed to be, like a roaming midlaner or a surprise TP from the top lane. Using pings has a lot of benefits over typing. First of all, it is insanely quicker to just alt-click somewhere than is to press enter and type your thoughts and typing is also quite dangerous since it prevents you from using her abilities. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died because i wanted to flash after being caught out and all that happened was a line of F in the chat. Pings are also way more effective. When you use any ping four things happen all at once One, it marks the field with a symbol. Two, it shows an alert on the mini-map. Three, it sends a message on chat and four, it will give your allies an alert sound after a while. You will get so used to the different sounds of pings that the chat messages and field symbols will become extremely useless, because you already know what’s happening. A very useful tip i can give you is don’t overdo it. One ping is good but three pings are more than enough to send your message. overpinging will only piss off people and tilt your teammates and you don’t want that. Nowadays, some more pings have been added as well. By pressing alt and clicking on the game information it will be displayed on chat. Stuff like your Ping when you’re lagging, the fact that you have a lot of gold and you should back to buy or that you don’t have enough to buy and you should stay, ability cooldowns and what i consider most important, summoner cooldowns. By using pings you should never even have to type anymore, but because this is a communication video essentially for learning players, I will let you know what you can do in chat. Pressing the enter key obviously allows you to speak to your teammates. If a teammate is being annoying though, because he’s spamming or something else just press the tab and click on the little mute icon next to him to stop getting messages from him. By pressing alt enter or writing /all you can send a message to everyone in the game, provided that you have the all chat activated, which you can do here. You can also message your private friends by typing /whisper or just /w followed by your friends nickname and then your message or if you’ve been sent a message and you want to reply without having to alt-tab, you can just simply type /reply or /r and start typing right away. Finally, you can do your champion emotes in chat as well with /joke /dance /taunt and /Laugh. If you’re a jungler proper pink communication is a definite must as it is the most randomly routed role. If you want to improve your communication, I would suggest you practice by playing a few games with chat disabled. Mute everyone and don’t ever type. Commit to pinging for a few games. if you’re playing with your team and you’re using curse or teamspeak, tell them you should speak less and ping more. This way, you’ll start to predict movements of the team members better and coordinate a lot better as well. Finally let’s move on to the objectives. 0-10 what’s a ping? 20 Ping once every five minutes. 30 Ping only once in missing cases. 40 Ping once every couple of minutes. 50 Ping every minute. 60 Ping other lanes. 70 Call missing in action early with three pings. 80 Ping objectives rightly. 90 Disable All-chat and just ping. 100 Smart ping every time. Thank you guys for watching, if you want here’s the subscribe button and if you like this video please leave a like. I will see you all on the video that I’m going to make during the week, it’s going to be a good one so stay tuned for that. Sakeios Out!

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