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Phonics Song | Preschool Kids Learning Videos

A is the Apple A-A-Apple B is for Ball B-B- Ball C is for cat C-C-Cat D is for Dog D-D-Dog E is for Elephant E-E-Elephant F is for Frog F-F-Frog G is for Garden G-G-Garden H is for Hat H-H-Hat I is for Igloo I-I-Igloo J is for Jar J-J-Jar K is for Kite K-k-kite L is for Lion L-L-Lion M is for Mouse M-M-Mouse N is for Nose N-N-Nose O is for Ocean O-O-Ocean P is for Plum P-P-Plum Q is for Queen Q-Q-Queen R is for Rabbit R-R-Rabbit S is for Sun S-S-Sun T is for Table T-T-Table U is for Umbrella U-U-Umbrella V is for Violin V-V-Violin W is for Watch W-W-Watch X is for X box X-X-X box Y is for Yatch Y-Y-Yatch Z is for zebra Z-Z-Zebra

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