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Phonics Letter L | Learning Street With Bob The Train | Educational Videos For Children by Kids Tv

Hi kids! Guess who’s here Yes it’s me bob Join me for learning street with bob.. “Hello Kids! I am Bob the Train, your DJ & Host. Welcome to our Phonics show “Our participants in this show are the letters of the alphabet. They will sing, dance and teach us sounds that start with the letters. Now, let’s say a big hello and welcome to our wonderful judges” Are you ready, judges? Yes Bob! “La la la la la…say hello to the lively Mr. L!” What a lovely day, What a lovely day Let’s play and sing away La la la la la
La la la la la that’s the sound I make A lion is at the door all ready to roarrrrrr Lah – lah lion Lah – lah lion Delicate and green A leaf grows on trees. Lah-lah… leaf Lah-lah… leaf A lamp lit at night Shines all nice and bright Lah-lah… lamp Lah-lah… lamp A lark loves to sing winter summer and spring Lah-lah… lark Lah-lah… lark Lemons yellow and round Grow above the ground Lah-lah… lemon Lah-lah… lemon The tastiest of all candy Lollipops I will have three Lah-lah… lollipop Lah-lah… lollipop A ladder you climb up and down Careful, don’t fall and break your crown Lah-lah… ladder Lah-lah… ladder Who is that spotted beast A leopard having a feast Lah-lah… leopard Lah-lah… leopard Long and Scaly, they move so quickly I wonder if lizards too feel tickly Lah-lah… lizards Lah-lah… lizards What a lovely day to sing and play And do the shaky shake to Lah-lah-lah-lah-lah That’s the sound I make La la la la la la la Judges, can we have the scores! Lovely! Lighthearted! Lovable! Laudable! Lyrical! Thank you Mr. L, and Judges We will be back soon with the sweet sound of other letters of the alphabet. Till then la di daaa! Hey kids! Watch the video again and count the number of words That start with the letter of the alphabet in this episode Don’t forget to put your answers in the comment section below Thank You!

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