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Phonics language| Flash cards

Assalam-o-alikum!everyone this is my first
ever video on this channel as you can see from the topic we’re going to
discuss about Phonics, Phonics our letter sounds that we’re going to discuss today
okay let’s jump into flashcards that I’ve made at home and made this for my
two-year-old as we’ve been practicing Phonics every single day okay let’s
discuss the sounds A, ah B, ba c-Ca means cat cup ,D da , E eh, F fe like fish Ga
goat H hah I ieh J jah Jug juice okay as you can see
that K and C have similar sounds they have similar sounds so don’t
get confused about it they have similar sounds L la lion M mmm like
when you’re having your favorite food or when the food is delicious you make that
sound same way M sounds like that and N ne , net ,nest ,nose O Oh P pa ,parrot pencil R raa, rabbit rainbow S ssss not sir if you add sound if you
make a sound like sa se so you are adding a vowel in it no the sound of s Ti Tiger U, uah you are like when you’re burping you
make a sound th same way U are uh under,under Veh, Wa so
when comes to wa it’s it’s not what it’s and when it comes to W it’s what
watch watch X like the sound of K and s Y yoyo, yatch ZZZ this is like when your
phone is vibrating and it’s on something so it vibrates like this is the same way
the Z sounds like that so these were the sounds of the letters so thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in my
next video

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