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Personal vs. Possessive Pronouns | ASL – American Sign Language

Hello! When you sign in ASL you want to show what or who you are talking about. You would use handshape-1. To point to that person. I/ME, YOU, YOU(PLURAL), HE/SHE, THEY IT, US You would use the 1-handshape. If you want to know if that is his or hers, or maybe if that is related to the person. Maybe that person has that, or owns that. You want to show the relationship between that and the person. To show that its his or hers, use the open-B handshape. MY, YOUR, YOUR (PLURAL) HIS/HER, THEIR OUR, ITS So you see that we use a different handshape which is the open-B handshape. The 1-handshape is used for ME, YOU, THEM The open-B handshape is used for MY, YOUR, THEIR. You see the two different handshapes. Okay, now I am going to show you the list of 1-handshape personal pronouns, and the list of open-B handshape possessive pronouns. Ready? I/ME YOU YOU(PLURAL) HE/SHE THEM/THEY WE/US IT Okay, good? The open-B handshape. MY/MINE. YOUR YOUR(PLURAL) HIS/HER THEIR OUR ITS You see the difference between YOU and YOUR. Okay, good.

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