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How To Learn Sign Language

Periods Of Time – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)

Text available on screen!

9 Replies to “Periods Of Time – Sign Language Tutorial (BSL)”

  • nicely done, Jessica knew all them signs,,,,, most enjoyable very clear as allways…. nice style of video

  • I know @Jessica Kellgren-Hayes use SSE however, are these signs you show us common in BSL?
    In America, Signed Exact English (SEE) is a whole lot different than ASL while PSE (Pidgin signed English) uses ASL signs that may more or less be phrased in English word order. Is SSE more similar to PSE or SEE?

  • Thank you so much!!! I am a Deaf American, and I am to be pursue a Master degree at an university in UK soon. Due to the similar rules of facial and body movements, I have no problem learning BSL, but I tried to find the signs of certain words that others did not include in these videos. They only showed common words such as periods of time and how to form sentences in BSL but none of certain words (e.g., describing words). Also, you kept it so simple and cheery, which I truly enjoyed the most.

  • Thank you very much for the videos. I use this, with the assistance of one of our deaf learners, to enhance our maths lessons. The deaf learner loves to challenge the hearing learners and staff on BSL and it really brings out her confidence. We have also used numbers and measures, both produced by yourself. Fantastic and informative videos!

  • I came to your channel for the BSL (I missed the first class of 2019) but might stick around for the gluten free recipes since I'm gluten intolerant.

  • Hello! Thank you for your videos, I was wondering what the difference between the word month and the letter m is. Or is it just based on context? Thank you x

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