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How To Learn Sign Language

Paul & Tina’s “Signalongs” Bringing Sign Language Awareness to the World!

Tina: Hi there, I am Tina Cleveland, I am an American
Sign Language Interpreter. Paul: I am Paul Sirimarco and I am the fiance! Tina: About 3 weeks ago, we
were on a trip, we were driving up to Mammoth Lakes, California and we are actually getting
married in October and so we are trying to decide what we wanted to do for our first
dance as husband and wife. I knew that I could teach him some sign language and we can do
a choreographed number for our first dance. Paul: I had no choice, we were in the middle of
the desert on our way to Mammoth. Tina: So he either has that option or me singing in the car which
… Paul: I rather learn how to sign. Tina: So he learned the signs for Grease, You’re
The One That I Want, and so I ended up recording us doing the song and I posted it on Facebook,
my friends started sharing it, Paul’s friends started sharing it, their friends started
sharing it, their friends of friends started sharing it, and it turned out being this amazing
domino sharing effect that went all over the Internet, globably right? Internationaly.
Paul: I think we can say that is what viral is. Paul: The response we are getting from the deaf
community and the hearing community is just crazy. They are so supportive, and they just
love what we are doing and we love them back, I am a completely changed man now from what
I was a month ago, before it was all business and business and business and work and work
and now I just wanna like … I would love to be able to do this full time and give people
this joy of music and my goal is to learn how to sign, be an interpreter, a quarter
of what she is. Paul: So now what we do is … we pick a song, we
print it out, we look at the lyrics, and then try to figure out what the artist or the singer
was … meant in each verse, once we figure out what the metaphor was or what we think
he meant, then Tina will go ahead and convert that into ASL. Tina: We can reach up. Paul: Ok, so give me the … with every step we’re taking, so each step … Tina: Experience Paul: Oh yeah experience, experience, each step
experience. Paul: As far as I am concern, I just want to keep
doing this and make it bigger, I want to continue to help people feel good about themselves. Tina: They are so many people in the world and there
is really only one race, and that’s the human race. So understanding other people’s background
and different cultures and upbringing is so important, and deaf people being included
with music is so important. Paul: Everyone always says what I am supposed to
do, what can I do to help the world, there is nothing I can do. Well, it’s really not
true, you just do what you can do. If everybody did that, it would make a change, it would
make a difference. Now that we have the ability to bring music to the deaf and hard-of-hearing
community, and to bridge that gap, we have to do it, we have the responsibility to do
it! And that’s really it in a nutshell. Tina: And we are ready, we are ready for the challenge,
we are ready for the responsibility and we love it, we can’t get enough of it. So it’s
just gonna be about finding out how to continue this, which we will. It’s part of the journey.
Paul: Yes it’s gonna happen, it’s one of those things, you know, I don’t have to think about it,
I just know it’s gonna happen. we can reach up we can reach out we can show this world what we are all about we can do anything we put our minds to we can be anything we wanna be

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