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Partying While Deaf // Slang British Sign Language Tutorial (BSL) [CC]

Hi Being a person with sensory difficulties inside a crowd, whether that be in a nightclub, or a pub or even just at a birthday party can be pretty bloody scary So I’m deaf and blind in one eye and I need a lot of space and a lot of light In order to know exactly what is going on Because, otherwise, I have no clue, if there’s a fire, or there’s a stampede of people, or even just where the exits are Basically, I have two options With hearing aids, i can hear this *hissing* Without hearing aids I can hear this *whistling* I lip read, but when it’s dark, I obviously can’t do that, especially if there are really flashing lights And I have no depth perception So, I’m just kind of guessing How far away you are from me Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love going out, I love dancing, I love making out in front of the speaker Meeting new people Chatting But I cannot stress enough how incredibly terrifying it is To have no idea what is outside of this tiny bubble
I don’t need er, a sort of rollercoaster I could just leave my house I think a lot of people who are in situations where they feel quite scared They probably turn inwards You know, even do the really sensible thing And just tell people what they are feeling Do I do that? Do I? No I get stupidly loud, and I start just jumping to all these conclusions Because I just want to get involved, and I want to be able to talk to everyone I really just shout nonsense in people’s faces Meanwhile, Claudia is just stood there like So, to combat this, dear friends Here are some signs that you can use to keep me involved in the conversation And stop me from just randomly shouting nonsense At you Ping So, Clara is gonna be my guinea pig Yay And come up with all sorts of questions for me Of what she thinks would be really good club signs Just to let you know, all of these signs are not correct BSL they’re not precisely the grammar that’s used They’re sign supported english, and they are the slang versions of signs If you’re taking a BSL course, don’t do these in your exam I have divided my questions into three topics. One is just, you know, friendly, get me a drink, The other one is to help you if you’re on a date Okay And the other one is more serious, it’s if you feel in danger, how to let your friend know And of course, even if you are not deaf, it’s very useful That’s the thing, sign language can be really helpful, even if you’re not deaf You don’t even have to be in a club really, you know, sometimes you might see someone on the street, and you’re like HELP Mostly, when I go with Jessica, people go ‘Hi’, and then I have to be the friend that is like, go away I have told them, yeah, no, move along it’s not happening She’s married, walk on by Yeah And to see what kind of drink you can watch my tutorial all about drinks on the card Yes Okay, Like I grab you? No no, that’s rape Maybe we’ll just go to like, lets both go to the toilet But generally you just point in the direction of the door or you could just be like Because you look bad How do you say because? you look bad because because you look bad Do you have to do the circle? Clockwise Part two, Flirting!! This is not my flirting no so it’s like attracted? try not to do the face I feel like they would know Like, if you were trying to be subtle like, ooh, that one, mine Alright, so more discreet If you wanted to add a boy or girl To make it more obvious I fancy that girl or I fancy that boy Like weird? Nah, well, yes, yes Say the lesbians, this message is approved Weird Boy Sorry, same region, also means Russian And angry, but If you want to do it the really short way, just be like Introduce Face to face My fingers are making out I don’t even know if the correct sign for this is what I use Also I don’t like the sign for wanker, but nevermind Agree to everything I say Well, it’s more like you know, yeah, back me up If you tell a lie, like just Oh, like I’m flirting over here, so just pretend I’m super funny Probably with like your best telling face Section three DANGER Let’s just start with the word boring Omg, that’s so obvious I always think that sign language and lip pattern But if you’re trying to be smooth about it Maybe don’t lip pattern Help me And obviously, this could be like you’re mildly in peril, you have no money Or it could be like help me, i think this man I’m talking to is a psychopath and he wants to cut off all my limbs That escalated quickly But it could be any of thses things Also another great way of doing it is this Because you can be talking to someone and you’re like, yeah of course Brian It’s so interesting that you like taxidermy So, your friend, who is across the room will be like Oh oh, Sally’s talking to Brian the taxidermist who may or may not kill women May or may not If you feel like really threatened, what would you say? What would you do? Now, a really good one for deaf people, especially Is can you please get me a taxi? That looks like money Because you pay, for a taxi If you’re asking someone else if they need help Because it’s directional That makes sense Okay, was that helpful Clara? That was very helpful What did you learn? Well, I’ve learnt very basic things like can, and you and me and need and taxi Help me, help you So I think this is going to be very useful next time we are out Yeah it will. I’ll just sign to you next time we go out What else did you learn today? Stay away from Brian mostly I don’t think I know any Brians i don’t think I do either If your name’s Brian and you’re feeling personally attacked, let us know Or if you know a homicidal Brian Run away So, I’ve got some all new signed songs and sign language tutorials coming up really soon As people have been requesting some of those And I am actually going to get around to them, actually going to do that In the meantime, you can always rewatch all of my old sign language tutorials Up here in this playlist Click on them, click on them now Learn sign language, it’s useful For all types of situations Like Brians

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  • Great video Jessica, these will be really useful the next time my friends and I go out! I have a question about sign language, if that is alright? Whenever I am signing I never know what sign to use for "if only" (as in "if only you knew"), so do you have any advice on how to translate that phrase?

  • You are adorable and so is this video. I am a very shy housewife, so I have a hard time being around people.

  • so funny story. I'm in the US and I know ASL. I was talking with my friend at work who's deaf, and I've watched your videos so much, I used BSL for person instead of ASL version lol.

  • Ah, this was so much fun! I'll be careful with any Brian that crosses my path in the future. And I can't wait for the next songs!

  • I can empathise quite a bit with this Jessica, I am visually and hearing impaired. Shouting random nonsense is always a good plan. And reassuring nods.

  • Just discovered your channel โœจ loving your videos and great to see a fellow YouTuber share real life stories about their disability. Defo subscribing! X

  • your right would be funny to use in bsl exam …..some intresting signs,,,,,and as you say sse… combined…..may I ask how long you have done sign???……slang is good I have to remember thiese signs

  • Hello Jessica!

    Great video.
    And just to let you know, from watching this, I realized the BSL sign for "what" is the same sign in JSL (Japanese Sign Language).
    Hard-of-Hearing American in Japan. Keep the excellent videos coming.

  • I am learning BSL and sometimes do not have use of one of my arms. Is there any way people with one hand fingerspell?

  • Would you say that watching your videos where you sign helps when learning sign? It's just I happen to have no groups around me to learn but want to teach myself

  • i am a girl and 11
    and i am training for my BSL level 1 because my baby brother is deaf and so is my 2nd oldest brother.

  • This is very helpful! I would love to learn something new and educate myself for anyone around me that are deaf or need help. I start watching your videos and I really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • This might be a stupid question, but if you don't mind me asking, is it more difficult to lip read if someone has a thick accent? Like if someone has a thick Northern accent or similar, does it affect how clearly you can understand them?

  • This was great and very useful. I hope you do more like this. It was helpful to see Clara try and to have you do it again to clarify the sign. appreciate it !!!

  • Do you have any videos about all the problems we gets into by not hearing things correctly. I was pulled over by a police officer and had a real tough time because he did not believe i was hearing impaired. Im also blind in one eye. i had a detached retina. How did you lose your eye sight.

  • Do you usually sim-com when using SSE or do you just do that for your videos because most of your audience is presumably hearing. I live in Canada and we use either ASL of LSQ (Quebec sign language) and in both French and English deaf communities it is disproved of to speak and sign at the same time. I noticed you mentioned in another video that you feel out of place in both the Deaf and hearing worlds sometimes but I was just curious if it is the same with BSL and SEE as ASL and LSQ in regards to Sim-coming?

  • Are u partially blind in one of ur eyes or fully? My dad can't see the center of his vision in the left eye, which has gotten worse since birth. So like the opposite of tunnel vision. So he only can see the peripherals, but needs to look at the center of the darkness otherwise his peripheral vision will change location (if that makes sense). So yeah he misses a lot of steps and curbs, due to the poor depth perception. He had a lot of injuries due to that before he learned how to determine the depth.

  • My friend introduced her bf last night. His name was Bryan! I was laughing internally so hard! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

  • Thank u! I have never studied sign language so this is maybe bit silly question but would just learning the main word of the sentence be useful? Like I don't remember the whole sentences after watching this once but I do remember the signs for a toilet, drink, this song, taxi and home ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Many thanks Jessica – I too am partially deaf and blind in one eye
    and you summed it up well – Oliver Sacks' autobiography is worth a read – he calls it flat-vision

    very useful- many thanks and good luck

  • I knew someone called brian when I was younger and he thought because I was nice to him and my parents gave him lifts home from church that ment we were going out… Just to clarify, He was an 80 year old man with learning/developmental disabilities (I presume, he acted strange) and Im a 9 year old (he thought I was his girlfriend because at the time I had long hair and a strange name that could posibly be for either gender)

  • Soooo much more entertaining than every other depressingly dull BSL video around. Please make the drinks video you suggested, it'd be a brilliant skill to have in a crowded bar – hard of hearing or not!

  • Do you feel the vibration of your voice when you talk? I've only watched a bit of the video so far but I have similar problems for the opposite reasons. I have heightened sensitivities. I hear white noise and buzzing all the time as well as every other noise. My brain can't tune out background noise. I can't ignore the people having a conversation 5 metres away because I can't hear the person I'm talking to because of it. My eyes are strange too. For a start I lose my vision sometimes. It just goes black. But only for maybe 20 seconds (this is provably because of blood pressure) I also see everything in pixels. Very tiny tiny tiny tiny pixels. I am rubbish at depth perception. I used to do gymnastics. I was actually ok. I think it helped me a lot with guessing depths. I was always terrified of the beam though. I really want to learn bsl because sometimes I can't speak, but I still need to communicate. Unfortunately if I choosethis route, I'll have to teach all the people close to me. I have absolutely fallen in love with your channel. You are also the same type of pretty I want to be when I'm healthier.

    I've just realised I've told a lot of random internet strangers random facts about me.

  • Strange of me to comment on a somewhat old video but I thought this was the best video to put it on. Do you have songs you remember from before you went deaf? How do you experience and enjoy music now that you cant hear it the same way?

  • Ah, the ASL sign for boring is to twist your finger next to your nose like you are picking it. I have gotten some strange looks from doing this in public.

  • i have some club signs if i pull my nose at you it means help me the guy whos is chatting me up is creeping me out big time make some excuse that i have to be taken away from him right now its an emergency /
    2 i pull my ear ,it means i like the guy who is standing next to me and i cant find a way to chat him up help me .
    3 i point to the door ,it means i want to bloody go home i hate it here .
    4 i point up to the roof ,it means i wish i was dancing with an angel instead of this smelly man
    with the bad breath & do you know where an angel is please lol

  • my friend used to sort of punch me in the hip if he wanted me to be his wingman ,i got a new friend ,i didn't like that !

  • Oh my goodness, the flashing light on the back for help! Tried it in front of the mirror and it's not entirely inconspicuous to place my arm in position.

  • i love that the sign for 'boy' and 'weird' are that similar in BSL. I studied Mandarin in college, and the word for 'difficult' and 'male' are pronounced the same way, different character but same pronunciation. I feel like this wasn't and accident! haha

  • When my group of friends and I used to go out dancing a lot, we kind of made up our own sign language if we needed to get points across. None of us are deaf, but with the music in clubs being so loud, it's nearly impossible to talk anyways. A sign I remember being really useful was one we used if some dude suddenly started dancing with us and was being a bit too pushy, and we were uncomfortable and needed an out/rescue. Basically you would just make eye contact with someone in the group, and put your hand on your neck in a sort of caress. Then your friend/hero would just grab your arm, pull you away, and start dancing with you instead, and help keep a buffer between you and creepy handsy dude.

  • I live in the US but I feel like I should learn some of these with my mom so when Iโ€™m really overwhelmed or need to leave, I donโ€™t have to make anyone feel bad to do it.

  • What area of the UK are you from? If you come to London I want to take you out to a gay bar called The Glory. It's a lot of fun and they have lots of Drag Queens and Drag Kings!

  • I have studied ASL and was happy to see that you showed one sign that is the same in BSL as in ASL. "Help". Also, "Help me" and "Help you.' I find it very strange that your hands do not face outward when signing. Also, the numbers in BSL are weird. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

  • Has anyone ever told Clara that from certain angles she looks a bit like Demi Lovato? Completely random, but I felt it had to be said ๐Ÿคฃ
    Love you guys โค๏ธ!

  • Could you please do my BSL market research survey for my college projectโ˜บ๏ธ

  • Hey, I recently discovered your channel, it's really helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ i wondered if you'd consider having a comment/bit in your description with timecoded phrases, or maybe just "parts"? it might be handy for clicking back to certain parts after watching the vids through ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I taught my husband drinking signs very early on, REALLY helpful in a busy area. He can order me a drink from across the room! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • My god you are so funny! !! I'm just met a hot deaf guy and I want to make him mine,I've now chosen you to help me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ subscribed! You're also stunning ! โคโคโค

  • What advice would you give when someone whoโ€™s trying to have a conversation in sign but one person only knows ASL
    and the other only knows BSL

  • Well…… if he does kill women, at least he can stuff them afterwards……lol..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • You are so beautiful. I'm thinking of learning how to sign, I'm a support worker for people who have learning disabilities and you really have inspired me to learn. I also work with a person who is visually impaired. Thank you ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿคš x

  • I am a swedish person with full hearing, and I thoroughly enjoy your videos! They are so educational and I've gotten really interested in learning how to sign. You are sooo pretty and your voice is super calming and nice to listen to! Keep up the good work!

  • hey Jessica I have just started out on my blog journey about my HoH problems and issues and I'm hoping to try educate people just like you do. I'm hoping you could help me with any tips or anything please have a look at the videos I've done already your support would mean the world

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