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Paco: The Poor Man’s Drug in Buenos Aires

– arrows cuando la mode el Paco a samosa guard como una un efecto de la creciendo millou no famous o menos en este tiempo pidemo crea creamy Kiera el Paco came okay a goon tsunami no se Atomos todo más o menos bien viviendo la vida con una corrente vanunu Ola say she whoa vomit on the cheek [Music] far from the pauses and glittery towers of websiteís the capital of Argentina there’s a scourge loose on the streets a street drug called Baku which for the last 13 years has fed on the city’s population mostly in the poorest neighborhoods ruining communities and lives this is monstrous court on an industrial part of one sided and an area where potatoes people who consume Paco are known to gather and do this drug potaka yo Chico okay oh yeah knew nothing of an iPod row we have completely employment kono since I can’t pick I’m were to strike is cheap addictive and extremely toxic including among its ingredients rat poison the first hit of Paco is said to be euphoric but almost immediately a first-time user is hooked and probably hooked for good remember Bolivia [Music] and Paco arrived on the streets of one of siteís around 2001 when a financial crisis nearly collapsed this country’s economy ever since authorities have been unable to eradicate this drug and we are here to understand why it’s a critical question right now because the economy is under threat again Argentina is facing a 30% rise in inflation since the start of 2014 and in August the country reluctantly defaulted on its hedge fund debt for the second time since 2004 which overall is pretty bad news when paco first appeared in window sight is 13 years ago Argentina was mostly a transit country in the international drug trade cocaine from neighboring Bolivia would pass through here on its way to Europe plenty of leftover coke residue would stay behind and that became the main ingredient in Paco since then Argentina has also become a consumer country with one of the highest rates of cocaine use in Latin America with lots of money to be made from cocaine family based gangs formed and mostly in the city of Rosario the third largest in the country turf wars between those gangs have caused an alarming increase in violence and murder when a scientists for the most part has been spared from organized crime related violence and even if cocaine is sold in the fancier neighborhoods the poor people are still smoking buckle a drug that has become almost endemic to the capital in 2006 about five years after Paco first appeared but the government counted 85,000 potatoes or Baco users in the city of Buenos Aires alone those figures have not been updated so we don’t know the size of the problem today in light of this Barco consumption has not gone away especially in the neighborhoods known as vigas or the slums of Bowness itis [Music] we wrote along with the police patrol to one of these vias one of the most emblematic via 31 where we met with Xavier Dolan so one of the ranking sub secretaries in Argentina’s security ministry we wanted to understand the context of these neighborhoods the places where Paco is produced and consumed I can approach the moment I know incoming personas primera parte del u ru t NM you know setenta Y on a quest a foot Pantheon no sucrose esta cuestión de Avila hit Paco soon promised an Italian prima sucia okay hasta la policia – any worries it’s a winter case a surah nisa silence she approached and resting formerly de perak undersea a gallant row bogie so complicated Mucha Platon say Ronon consensus is here it’s an Isetta sententious Oceania dopa nationality was a Sunnah route salia muchos casos value wakandan indifferent a URL not a Gilles again c’mon take for example oh no any – are you not know same if you re overdosed OS a poco persimmon – central area linear equation Patricia Kira for generating joy via 31 is just one example of a much larger issue facing one scientist there is an estimated two million people that live in these marginalized areas and they don’t even appear on the government’s maps they’re completely neglected the VSM oh no scientists have scarce – almost no presence of government institutions they’re really out there on their own and sobaco is easily made and sold here that much becomes evident when you see the abundance of baka addicts roaming in a zombie-like state through the most marginalised outskirts of the city after visiting via 31 we managed to make contact with Ibaka cook in another via who agreed to show us how the drug is made as long as we concealed his location and his identity Pinella Resaca cocaina yokai empirically toka clock uno component ay que bueno para rata Hikaru na a todo es un poco a coca coca carbonate Oh portable because our I ate a cosine and it was a hosaka case a second Koko we know you put a period of money NATO case now people mental of Fuma medulla intro lopaka for the metal si como el carro cholera a militia Boko Haram Alicia Vaqueros sometimes put metal cleaning fibers or ash to keep a flame going in their pipes now cooking Paco does not require complex Laboratories doses can be prepared in a basic kitchen just like this one oh it was super Osito akan nuna OSHA fellow component in poco de mean separa prepara estas cosas que son s in cuenta shopper arma y para Belle de y los vecinos no se van cuenta entonces por que no produce a knoll or el cocinar Paco otro Fecteau yah Mon una knife a car pollito those doses cost 50 pesos 50 pesos is about five dollars sounds you know still cheap but also not something that you know some homeless kids on the street could necessarily afford unless of course they were also thieves or figuring out a way to get money illegally [Music] we wanted to meet someone who had lived through Paquin survived Daniel is one of these recovering addicts when he was on the drug he turned to a life of petty crime in order to feed his addiction and at one point he told us he even survived an attempt on his life when Troy he’s a Leo Braga accident Callie with a grande porchetta Corona a moment Daniel currently works at a rehab center linked to the Catholic Church a placement to help addicts overcome the drugs pool no Paco no not a hermit no tienes hambre para nada Denis una for da eun adrenaline and el cuerpo chat fleet obama’s igano freedom yeah no but you know a killer party but osiris has seen more actions taken against Paco from civil society than from the authorities themselves one of the most recognizable figures in this struggle is father pepper a priest who’s been helping the via communities against this epidemic for more than 12 years truce cuando la mode el Paco de semana cigar como una un efecto de la creciendo SMIL uno no puede mas o menos en este tiempo y mo kamo jargon tsunami Tom o todo mas o menos bien bien de la Vida Cunha corriente vanunu Ola omen tone decicco’s estado hace poco a lo mejor en la acción Eric Rivera ser tenia que ver un ministerio para esta bien por sobre dos in Marin pocos pero el chico at en situation occasion say Contreras infernal akashi tuberculosis si de buen omen tone de de situaciones C encantar que mucho amor en povel NC a– por que están d separado sorry nerevar mata nome wearin entonces el en el conflict o social s a Normie you mono versions of this story have happened all over the world crack fed on the neglect and inequality of the 80s and 90s in the United States financial ruin in Greece saw the rise of sisa a math derivative for example and on and on a drug as destructive as this affects not only the users but also the people around them when it comes to Bach one one of cytus a few brave moms of Baco addicts got together and in 2003 formed a group called mothers in the struggle their office is located in a building that used to be a bottle kitchen the police identified it and turned it over to them for their exclusive use one of these mothers is Marta Gomes Martha told us that her son was a backhoe addict and he died in a motorcycle accident while under the influence of the drug I can make a little dough see that’s a total of yes domina upon the show’s star girl Mikasa is a date so I intend area come frame there let’s go grandmother it gave me another event again the mother started out small showing up in front of government officials or at demonstrations as the years went by they want a handful of small victories for example in 2006 the government established a few clinics to help treat buccal addicts but the mothers today tell us that that is not nearly enough of what needs to be done tantos a news akka say a septic que es este problema nothing everything has nothing is a terrific Adam what does a fellow yes so nany ok they wanna survive and you’re better then devil ray yeah JC or no quanto tambien want amore aero pro quantity link a model MA periquito domain una una estado no really concrete Oh de la situación materia Mona’s mother is she Ruby Runa política or recta but isn’t least them since I’m okay yeah ‘ that is okay another organizer me know you can arrest a ruger if you know haciendo Chanukah lava it sounds like a wild idea but in Argentina the vs are crowded the economy is precarious and Baco is loose on the streets I could at least grasp why the mothers would see Baco as a conspiracy if anything that sort of thinking reflects the anger and the desperation that these mothers feel over the government’s neglect of an issue that has deeply affected their lives [Music] he is a person crazy math video but I hope it’ll cut anyone open to me Tully [Music] [Applause] Santo gentlemen he attend to chip a okay papi papi to eat oh yes / rel1 juntos go boys it lazy boy I knew me we smoke as much as they can every day a couple of them live on the streets a couple of men have children and families [Music] for independence are you eat it you know waiter waiter Monsieur grappa mucho so why has the government been unable to eradicate this drug after all argentina recovered somewhat from the crisis of 2001 yet Baco remains widely available on the streets the raw truth is that Paco is the poor man’s drug in Argentina and the vs are chronically neglected now with more economic troubles on the horizon for Argentina and a sense of disregard from the government the epidemic of Argentina’s version of crack will not be going away and sadly it could even get worse [Music] you [Music]

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