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Overview – Fashion Communication

(light music) – I am Lisa Lenoir and
I’m assistant professor of fashion communication
at Stephens College. Have you ever wondered why you
like to shop on the internet? Is it the words? The photography of the clothing? The videos that are embedded? All of those things are different forms of fashion communication. – I’m Taylor Barber and I’m
a fashion communications sophomore at Stephens College. With fashion communication,
you get such a wide range of subjects and topics. I’ve learned everything
from graphic design to advertising to marketing to styling, photography is in the future. You get such a great, it’s almost like a sample platter of all that the fashion
industry has to offer, which makes me feel very confident when it comes to looking for a job, because you kind of know a
little bit about everything in the industry. – The biggest thing is
we’re helping students to learn about branding,
business planning, marketing, writing, videography, all those things are
communication systems and channels that they are using in order
to express their ideas. So it’s really a culmination
of all the skills that you’ve taken, all the
classes that you’ve taken here at Stephens College and being able to execute those
into one singular product. – Being around such
like-minded, strong individuals is so important to your growth. In these years, you are
going to change so much and learn so much about yourself that having that positive environment
that Stephens provides is so priceless and it’s
so wonderful and uplifting.

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