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E: What is this? E: who is that? E: you’re such a good girl E: yes Good morning guys We are playing some fetch She’s so smart E: Incredibly smart E: go get it E: come here. Yay! E: go E: oh. Went into that area R: taking her time *squeak* Java was crying while we were walking out First time we left her in her crate We need to get some stuff done. That’s why Our washer and.. oh, just the washer, broke so we need that replaced today we’re at Home Depot our favorite store yeah, um too bad we don’t have your truck
anymore. Remember that truck? why are you trying to blind me? is it because I mentioned your truck. Is that why? stop E: I need my eyes to see and communicate too We get the cheapest washer because actually… well not cheapest but Whirlpool makes really solid washers they work really great and they’re easier to fix than the front load ones the front load ones are expensive to fix you have to take the whole thing out from inside but if a top load washer breaks then you just fix it from under I know, but hurry up E: hahaha E: it’s like in the corner E: yeah This is perfect. Better for us Weird, because online it’s $498.70 but here it’s $4.99 Keep in mind that Whirlpool has been around for a long time It’s a well known brand for washers let’s go ahead and get that one maybe and E: and 18,000 views yeah on all the other ones have 500 5 stars yes, but only 500 You know how this one has 4 and a 1/3 star? but because it has 18,000 reviews it all balances out for this one you’d have to take this out then get this out then replace the drive replace the drive in there it’s hard to do and takes a long time but if you do that one (top load) then you just you lift it then then drill out the screws on the bottom then take out the plastic connection to the motor to the drive it comes right off and you can put a new one in be done E: that’s it E: easier to fix ordered it. Finished we noticed that Java likes to be outside all the time she actually doesn’t like being inside. she prefers being outside so Ryan and I have been standing outside all day in the hot sun watching her so I know we need somewhere to sit maybe we can get some outside patio furniture I like that we could have morning breakfast here I can edit here you know watch Java What do you think? Yeah So we are going to get these two and hurry out of here to go see Java E: ow hahaha What’s that? E: What do you think, Java? Like it? Hop? no? E: she’s scared sorry E: this looks nice E: Java E: she’s so wet Why are you wet? Her belly is so wet Why are you so wet. huh? honey Come Sit down R: you like it? I love it. I can come out here and edit and watch Java E: now we need to fix this E: because it’s a little hot here This is nice E: Can you imagine having lunch or breakfast here? probably not lunch right now, because it’s too hot out here E: yeah it’s too hot but in the winter it probably will be the perfect weather outside I mean winter. Perfect weather yeah get some coffe and chill niiice It will be out own little cafe Oh, look over there. A lizard a butterfly She loves that area, specifically, because that tree gives her shade in that area. She loves it She never lays over there. only there. That’s it funny She’s like I think so thank you guys so much for watching our vlog today I wish you could see the new washer installed today, but have to wait E: Did we explain?
R: Did we explain? R: We didn’t explain yet so we went to home depot excited to get a new washer today I need to wash my clothes. I don’t have any clothes. This is my last shirt but it seems like they don’t have it in stock in stores even though online it says they have it in stock really, that means the floor model is in stock Oh, okay so so we have to wait till Friday. Today is Sunday, we have to wait until Friday so I guess we have to go to the laundry mat if you’re not subscribed subscribe and turn on notifications and we’ll see you guys next time love you bye Sign Duo OUT!

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