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Our Puppy Gets Spayed

Hey Sign Fam so Java is going
to be graduating from a small, baby collar to a big, girl collar yay I know that every vlog I say Java has gotten so big but she actually has gotten big enough that her collar doesn’t fit anymore E: off E: off she has a bad habit of doing that we actually learned that from a trainer that we contacted through the
sign do Instagram account. We really appreciate your training advice. Some of
you guys are actual certified trainers and thank you so much because it’s
helped a lot with raising her so my aunt I guess has a kaki tree and she gave
us a back full of kaki which is really nice and Java actually really likes these. I gave
her some before E: these are nice E: it kinda looks like carrots E: what do you think those are? tomatoes E: Tomatoes? I saw you cutting them E: you think those are tomatoes? plum? E: no, you know this. You know this
it’s Japanese name peach E: no, not a peach E: can you guess now you had them before ca..k I don’t know how to spell it, but I hate them E: sit good huh friend soon I’ll have to put her in the back because soon she’ll be too big gonna have to put her in the back *Java Winning* It’s okay, Java It’s okay It’s okay Ryan is in O’rielly right now It’s okay Java is gonna have her spay surgery tomorrow so the rescue that we got her from they require that she gets spayed but they pay for the spay which is really nice so I’m gonna go out to the LA area
tomorrow sadly Ryan won’t be able to come I can’t because I’m working It’s better if I don’t go anyways, because I might get too protective, you know what I mean that’s true that’s true but I’ll make
sure she’s fine anyways. After she gets spayed and has the surgery and it’s
finished she will have her cone and she can’t do any heavy exercising or you know, we can go on a walk but not do anything too much so today we’re going
to take her to the park. We’re going to go to the Great Park, the big one and let
her run around so good she doesn’t even want our food. She’s so good she just ignores it. She smells it a little bit, but then doesn’t want to eat it *smacking lips* E: hahaha nothing. Great E: good girl It’s a little bit dirty. Can you clean it oh yeah it is dirty got to clean this lense better E: she’s kinda.. see look she does lick a lot though after I eat she’s like I want to smell lick lick one thing I noticed about having a pit, specifically having a pitbull when we adopted her the rescue said warning, she will love chewing on wood yes, sure enough she loves wood so we go her this wood thing and then we’ll show you the collar when we get there but I saw this and
I had to get one it’s a little ice cream cone the Great Park has changed so much I remember when my
mom did farmers markets here for sweetie pie and it was really different now they have this fence right here. This used to be just the parking lot I think it’s just so different remember when this place used to be filled with people playing pokemon because I guess there were really good pokemon remember that swipe up game E: pokemon go yeah there used to be a lot of people. Now there’s nobody E: Java, sit E: friend Ryan has discovered that this camera really takes
really good pictures of Java so he’s been taking pictures of her every day
and he’s actually really good at it here are a few pictures he’s taken recently stay yay E: good girl, Java E: good girl E: sit E: ready go, go get it Java is getting a little tired but she
actually lost some baby teeth today so she won’t bite on the toy as much, you know, as hard That
toy that just rubber ring is so great it’s such a great toy That toy, I bought for her was when we had her for maybe a month and Ellen was in Las Vegas with her family I was like, what am I suppose to do I looked on amazon and found it was made in the USA and was family owned company I wanted to try it out, so I bought it at first she didn’t like it after a few hours she liked it she liked it and started playing she started to notice how fun it can be because it was bouncy and could go that way, that way after that she loved it now she seems like she loovees it because theres a lot of space right now I can’t wait until she’s fully trained and can go off leash and she can go far It’s time to go. Java had a lot – we had a lot
of fun that was fun she lost two teeth in the back so sad. I know they’re baby teeth so they have to fall out but it’s still sad to see that but it’s okay. It’s fine E: your new collar looks so good look at E: that new color Next dog model? E: I think so R: Out um this is really hard Cause Ryan i snot here and it’s really hard because i haven’t left her at a clinic by herself for more than 30 minutes E:no E: we just parked E: just parked E: and she is checking out where we are E: you slept all the way E: We’ve got six minutes before we have to go inside E:um they start taking them at 7:00 Just wanted to make sure we got here early so I could ask them a few questions *bark* E: you don’t like gardeners. hey *bark* *bark* E: sit your butt down E: no no barking E: no barking E: no barking okay E: you have something in your eye E: come on Java She went with no problem at all Java definitely doesn’t realize what’s happening I have five and a half hours to go to a
cafe and just chill get some coffee or tea and do some homework or some editing I’m gonna go do that, and I miss her already *whining* E: I gotch you baby *whimpering* E: it’s okay baby E: awe Java Ryan just got home from work I’ve been explaining what happened today Java has been crying so much. She sleeps and then everytime she wakes up she starts crying *whining* E: It’s okay baby We are just gonna chill. Ryan got some chipotle for us and we’re gonna watcha movie and cuddle and make sure she feels okay give her a lot of pets, kisses, and cuddles and we’ll see you guys next time. Thank you for watching love you! Bye! Sign Duo OUT!

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