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How To Learn Sign Language

Our Pitbull Puppy Knows Sign Language!

E: She likes the camera E: You like the camera? R: Friend R: Friend R: Friend R: Friend R: Down R: Down R: Down R: Down R: Down R: Down E: Morning E: oh, you’re so good E: did you like your walk this morning? E: oh you’re so good. friend E: Friend E: friend E: oh! Good job! yay! E: thank you Good morning you guys today has started off really well. I got a few
packages I took Java for a walk well kind of a walk. Today was her second walk and she doesn’t really walk she
just hangs out on our front yard but she is getting used to it getting
better at it. You guys can see she has gotten so big. I don’t understand she
grew so fast but I got a few packages I bought these Kong bought these Kong things my my mom suggested them and I used one and she loves it she loves it I mean if you own a dog you probably have one of these but what I do is I fill it with her food so that she takes a lot while longer- a long time to eat it so she can chew and stuff-Java get down Java what are you doing? oh no I know, you’re bored you’re bored she’s getting bored I also got, on the side note, I also got her
a new toy because the ones we bought her before just got ruined and two of these What’re you doing? E: friend E:down E: stay E: come I mix chicken and kibble in some water
and then I fill the Kong with that and then freeze it and then E: this camera
takes forever to focus I don’t like it and then when I take it up with some
peanut butter on it and then go to her to eat she usually takes maybe like 15
minutes to eat it which is nice as you can see she learned a few sign so she knows sit, down, stay – sit, down, stay friend, friend we tried to use only one
hand for the signs because most of the time our other hand is holding the treat I think she knows love you I think she knows sleep, go. oh, she knows come so she knows like a few words already and her coat has gotten lighter to like on
the top of her head it’s a lot lighter almost like a beige color on her face she just finished all her vaccines too so we’re just really excited to take her on walks also Ryan is at triple-a right now figuring out his registrations or whatever car stuff he does um and I’m gonna be eating breakfast while Java is outside so this is my breakfast usually, not usually, I haven’t
been really consistently eating my breakfast but I love rice I have some nato in here. If you guys don’t know what nato is. It is a bean fermented soy bean, which I love and then I nori umeboshi and this is like pickled radish takuan yeah I know it’s not that healthy, but I don’t have any kimchi and this is actually pretty good for me recently, and considering I have not been eating consistently in the morning. I’ve been just snacking or getting thing like like a bagel or something sweet or sugary in the morning. which is not that great and I feel the best when I eat this friend friend friend E: so we chose we chose the peanut butter
flavor you like that she likes the plastic more than the actual bone down stay stay friend go ahead at first, when we start training her we had to use speech with sign, but now we noticed that she can do it without voice, right you can just sign sit, stay, com no talking now she’s starting to notice what the signs mean E: oh wait we didn’t tell them about her what we found out about her deafness oh we haven’t told them? E: I don’t think we told them You might have noticed in the vlog today I don’t know if you filmed or not but she tends to not use her right ear at first, I noticed, why does she never move her right ear but then I tried clapping behind her head far behind and I noticed only her left moves back you know how when dogs hear things they move their ears or whatever but she doesn’t move her right, only her left if she sleeps on her left side, she hears nothing we can do whatever but if she sleeps on her right, she can hear everything so I think she’s deaf in one ear that would make a lot more sense we teach her sign language anyways R: *clap* R: *clap* R: *clap* R: *clap* R: *clap* R: *clap* I just want to share one comment about pitbulls as a whole I used to think pitbulls were scary and they were very mean dogs but honestlys, she’s one of the sweetest puppies I’ve ever met E: awe not because she’s my puppy she’s never aggressive I just want you to know if you’re thinking about getting a pitbull, you should give it a chance It’s all about training and positive support she’s a push-over. I can do whatever
and she doesn’t get mad E: yeah look you can take her E: like if I take it, she obviously wants it back E: but she’s fine E: yeah I lift her up from her new treat and she doesn’t get mad, nothing most dogs would be, “hey! Thats my treat!” she just waits until I put her down E: like if I take it E: she doesn’t mind. She knows I’ll give it
back to her ever since we got her as a puppy we’ve been joking that she looks like a rat sometimes a rat, sometimes a seal yeah sometimes she looks like a seal show them the picture of her in the car remember that picture E: that is so funny so today I don’t
know what we’re gonna be doing. I think maybe we should take her to the park or do something fun I was saying, I don’t know what we’re gonna be doing today but maybe we should take her to the park or no no or make her food I want to finish that okay, that’s fine Got to mount it today is that gonna take- oh you mean mount it I thought you meant finish the video it’s only been like 15 minutes and look how much she’s eaten. oh my gosh E: geez you got
some sharp chompers two here and here and then whatever here that make sense? E: mm-hmm E: so we are going to Lowe’s right Home Depot E: we’re going to Lowe’s! No we’re going to Lowe’s Home Depot is fine too We are going to go to Home Depot because Home Depot allows pets and I don’t know about Lowe’s so we’re gonna go Home Depot Damn you, Home Depot
you’re okay with pets come on Java baby sit stay make sure that I have some
treats for when we go there because she’s gonna be really distracted and
crazy I don’t know. I got some fresh chicken here fresh chicken right here and I don’t know how it’s gonna go she probably will just not listen to me at all so just letting you know. This is her first time on the leash in a store so we’ll
see how that goes yeah tell them how when she looks when we tap her we’ve been teaching her to look when you tap her, but you only done that when you have a treat R: she just did oh, she did it yeah there she goes. She’ll look at your eyes at least when you have a treat *carts clanging* E: come on , Java She heard those carts and ran for it and then she jumped on me, like, hold me E: good girl. Yay Java E: good girl E: Java E: hi baby E: hi baby the scary part I hate puting holes in the wall if you watched our old vlogs when we moved here oh I was so mad about you making holes no holes! E: down E: down E: down E: down that’s a lot of tape for a TV this stuff was on there. It was like layers and layers and layers of tape. Initially when we put
the TV on looked a little bit too high so we had to adjust it. Now it’s like
pretty good I think. That’s a good height all done E: all done. Yay! we got to clean up yeah let’s make it look nice and clean up
a little bit E: put this here E: and it hides the cord our YouTube play button R: looks like it’s not there oh, that’s Java outside E: Java *Java barks* E: oh hey! E: she’s being a little bit bad right now E: Java *Java barks* E: *gasp* Hey! No, I’m not happy with you. You’re being so bad okay no E: yay! E: yay. good girl Java E: what are you doing E:java E: oh no, she’s stuck. back up back up I think we need a rug other than that I thinkg we’re – oh, we need a painting if anyone is a skilled artist and can paint something have an idea or something. Send us a message on instagram, or email her her email is in the description below the only other thing, painting rug rug and an X-box ha an X-box who’s gonna buy me an X-box. anyone give me an X-box maybe for your birthday
his birthday maybe is November 5th so that’s coming soon and I gotta save up for all his gifts yeah oh and those paintings back there. Those paintings back there
were done by some of you guys so thank you so much. They turned out great. I love that I framed them. They look awesome we’re still accepting more. Keep sending more It’s of Java, Missy Java Chip yep yep happy dog.
can’t see, but she loves it down there happy dog happy boyfriend TV is up all done Let’s go get Chipotle chipotle. yeah let’s go get chipotle and come back
and watch a movie or something sounds good thank you guys so much for watching our vlog if
you’re not subscribed subscribe and turn on notifications and we’ll see you guys
next time love you! Bye! Sign Duo OUT!

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